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Wunderkammer: Curiosities fill this cabinet in Tacoma show -

Forget davenports and credenzas. Every home should have a wunderkammer. “wunderkammer” is the German word for a cabinet of curiosities. The home fashion took off in the Renaissance and lasted into Victorian times, though they’ve never really disappeared. That cabinet full of seashells in your TV room. It’s a wunderkammer. Tacoma artist Lisa Kinoshita has created a large wunderkammer of sorts at the Foss Waterway Seaport and filled it with the work of regional artists and museum specimens. “wunderkammer: Artifacts, False Memories and Projections” opens this week in conjunction with Maritime Fest. The show runs through Aug. In their earliest days, curiosity cabinets were filled with natural specimens — some fake — collected by explorers. They were usually in the inventory of the well-heeled and could be considered the world’s first museums. Inspired by wunderkammers, Kinoshita has curated contemporary art alongside objects from the Seaport’s permanent collections. The show draws from Northwest artists working in glass, video, ceramics, and mixed media. Kinoshita says the exhibit will “delight and confound viewers, and suggest a collection of curiosities for the digital age. Other artists include Justin Gibbens, Marc Dombrosky/Shannon Eakins, Chuck Iffland, Alice Di Certo/Kyle Dillehay, Steve Jensen, Alexander Keyes, Nicholas Nyland, Jenny Pohlman/Sabrina Knowles, Holly Senn, Jessica Spring, Brent Watanabe, Mishele... Source:

'19 Kids And Counting' Star Jessa Duggar Dishes Pregnancy Workout And Diet ... - The Inquisitr

Jessa began a focused fitness program when she was shedding for her wedding to Ben Seewald. So, she’s not going to let go of that motivating momentum now, even though she dropped a hint that it might be twins. The tip that Jessa and Ben might be having twins came when they created a video message about the pregnancy, reported Christian Times. With impeccable timing, Jessa and Ben learned that they would become first-time parents on their first wedding anniversary, reported People. And Ben expressed concern about how his wife’s intense workouts might impact their unborn baby. “What does it mean for your workouts. Let’s adjust them for pregnancy,” Ben suggested to Jessa. She agreed to be careful. In addition to fitness, the couple is into following a healthy diet, with Jessa flaunting her virtuous choices such as smoothies on Instagram. The 19 Kids And Counting star is aware that the “eating for two” theory doesn’t mean gorging on hot fudge sundaes and hot dogs. “I want to gain a little less weight and not stress out about it,” she explained. Source:

Pregnant Mom Defends CrossFit Training Through Delivery - ABC News

Tuesday morning. All right, now time for the morning stir. And stir up a firestorm is one woman who practically went from the gym right to the delivery room. Doing intense crossfit workouts just days before her baby was born. And we have the story. Reporter: Good morning, not all that long ago, pregnant women were told to sna bed and rest. Some are bellying up to the bar to lift weights, specifically doing crossfit. Some call it the high-performance pregnancy that delivers a supercharged pababy and a fit mom, is it safe. This is what got people talking, pushups standing on her head. She started doing crossfit two years a ago, and pregnant with her second child she didn't want to quit. Being pregnant is not being sick. Reporter: She was dropping the amount of weight from 65 pounds to 50 pounds and maintaining that throughout the pregnancy. She says she worked closely with a trainer, and showed the doctor videos of the workout, she was safe to continue. For women at this level of physical fitness before pregnancy. They can listen to their bodies and safely continue to work out at that level throughout their entire pregnancy. Under the supervision of their health provider. Reporter: She suffered terrible morning sickness during her first pregnancy, but felt wonderful during this one and continued the crossfit routine until four days before she delivered. With this one, I didn't feel like I was pregnant. I was so Normal. I mean, I did everything I always do. Reporter: Another benefit of her crossfit workouts, during the first pregnancy, she gained 30 pounds. Average for a one baby pregnancy. But this time, only 16. I'd like to say pregnancy is an athletic event. You have to train for it. It's very strenuous physically as well as emotionally. So I think the better a woman is going into her pregnancy, the better she'll feel. Reporter: She says she's finished having babies, but not finished with crossfit. She plans to be back at the routine in just a few weeks. I already have my girl and my boy. And if I have another baby, I would do it just the same way. Reporter: And she delivered a healthy baby boy just two weeks ago. There are said to be health benefits and sometimes the labors of crossfit moms. Are many of the workouts modified. Some of them are. A lot of websites are dedicated to crossfit moms. Pregnant burpees, use the walls instead of the floor. Like many other things, doctors tell you again and again, anything you did before pregnancy, you can do it. Source:

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... : Free membership competition - Pregnancy workout video name

... : Free membership competition - Pregnancy workout video name

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The Best Free Pregnancy Workout Videos