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Tiny baby vs. household objects: Which is bigger? - Mother Nature Network (blog)

When a mom of two named Jen G. gave birth to her third child last month, she wasn't sure what to expect. Her newborn daughter, Alexandra, was born early (37 weeks), but not quite premature , and she was much smaller than her other two children had been when she'd brought them home. Jen was amazed at how teeny-weeny Alex was, and started documenting her daughter's size on her Instagram account, herewegoajen , by showing Alex in comparison to common household items. Throughout her pregnancy, Jen's doctors kept a close eye on her because she has a clotting disorder and a history of Intrauterine Fetal Demise (IUFD). Early on in the pregnancy, her doctors also discovered that she had a circumvallate placenta , essentially a disease in which the fetal membranes double back around the edge of the placenta, forming a doughnut shape around the baby. By Jen's 35th week of pregnancy, her stress tests started to indicate that the circumvallate placenta might be causing issues with the baby. Her doctors decided to induce as soon as Jen hit 37 weeks, technically no longer premature, but still earlier than they had hoped. Fortunately, Alexandra was born without a hitch. But she weighed a mere 5 pounds, 7 ounces and measured 18 3/4 inches long. Jen decided to capture every moment of Alex's teeny-ness. She took this photo on their first night home from the hospital and couldn't get over how silly it looked, "Like someone had photoshopped a baby in the room and gotten the sizing all wrong," she told Babble. Source:

Instagram series #weebabyVs shows tiny infant next to household items -

Good things come in small packages — and wonderful things come in teeny-tiny packages. Take Alexandra, nicknamed Alex, for example, a 1-month old baby who was born July 8 at just five pounds and seven ounces. Her mother, Jen G. , has been photographing baby Alex next to common household items for an Instagram series called "Wee Baby Versus" or #weebabyVs. And it's crazy cute. The pictures show an impossibly small baby beside a teddy bear, soccer ball, carton of eggs and other familiar objects that lend a comparative contrast to Alex's itty-bitty form. The photos become even more precious when you have a bit of backstory. Jen's pregnancy had been complicated. Not only does she have a clotting disorder that requires her to be on blood thinners while pregnant, but she also had a circumvallate placenta, a rare complication that results in two sides of the placenta attaching to one another. At 37 weeks, Jen's doctor decided to induce labor. RELATED: 'Instagram for dogs': The new social media site worth barking about. "I was nervous to have her born earlier than we expected," Jen said. Jen got the idea for the series as soon as she brought Alex home from the hospital, a day that marked the end of a very stressful journey. "On the first night we were home from the hospital, I set [Alex] down on the floor next to the bunk beds [and] she looked so ridiculously small there that the proportions of the room looked off, like someone had photoshopped a baby into the room... "So I took a picture for my own amusement. Jen recreated the photo a few weeks later, and kept going from there, finding that just about everything looked absurdly big next to baby Alex. RELATED: Instagram artist creates beautiful Caitlyn Jenner portrait out of Wheaties. "I had the idea to take a picture of her next to a dollar bill, like people do for scale. I posted that one to my Instagram account and my friends liked it," Jen said. "I also took a comparison shot of my older son on the changing table and posted it with Alex on the changing table. And it was just so fun that I kept looking around for ideas. My 6-year old daughter has gotten into it [too], and she comes up with a lot of the ideas for [the series]. "Wee Baby Versus" has garnered sensational interest on Instagram, especially after the parenting site Babble wrote about it. Source:

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