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OLDSTO Skin Of Leopard Soft Soild Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers Set Cushion Cases PillowCases for Sofa Bedroom Car18 x 18 Inch 45 x 45 Cm by OLDSTO

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What happens to your body when it doesn't get enough iron? - The Independent

Iron is essential for keeping a healthy stock of red blood cells, which are the transport vehicles that allow oxygen to travel around the body. Without sufficient iron levels you run the risk of becoming anaemic, making it harder for your body to function properly. When we breathe in and inhale oxygen into our lungs it binds with the haemoglobin in the blood, this is then delivered to all our organs via a network of blood vessels. A lack of iron means your blood might not be as oxygenated as it could be. This can have wide reaching effects in terms of symptoms but the biggest indicator is often the feeling of tiredness. Iron deficiency is the most widespread nutritional disorder in the world and the most commonly seen cause of anaemia. It can easily be treated, but it is important to determine the cause, as it could be a ‘red flag’ for something more serious and is certainly not something to ignore. How much iron do I need. Most of us have about four grams of iron stored in our body. Half of this is in the blood and the rest kept in stores around the body, such as in the liver and spleen. When we are low in iron our stores are depleted first and it then starts to affect our blood quality. You should be able to consume enough iron from a balanced diet. The recommended daily intake depends on a number of factors, such as age and gender, but as a guide, the NHS suggests 8. 7 milligrams for men and 14. 8 milligrams for women. Women can often need more iron during their monthly menstrual cycle and pregnancy can demand a bigger supply too. Those who are pregnant should be extra cautious, as if untreated and severe, low iron increases the risk of complications with the pregnancy and can also make the expectant mother more prone to infections. What causes iron deficiency. In general, you might be low on iron if you are not taking enough in via your diet, if your body is having trouble absorbing or storing it, or if you need more iron than usual - perhaps during a growth spurt in adolescence or during pregnancy. You may also be losing iron, for example through blood loss with the menstrual cycle. For men, and in women who have reached the menopause, the most common cause of iron deficiency is bleeding in their gastrointestinal tract. They might not be aware this is happening, as it is not always evident in the stools. Many things can cause such bleeding, including. Source:

A DEADLY SPIN: Health insurance company insider spills the beans - Sky Valley Chronicle

Chronicle news & opinion. (MONROE, WA. ) -- How many times have you heard some pampered, overweight politician - often heavily funded by the big HMO cartels - say on TV with a straight face there's nothing wrong with America's for-profit health care system and further that... That would be the system where a relatively few people and corporations get very rich when many people in this country get sick and injured. That would also be the same system that not one other democracy in the world, not one other modern nation is dumb enough to employ even though they all looked at ours before setting up their own sensible, single-payer systems where no one gets... To disabuse yourself once and for all of the notion that America's patchwork of dysfunctional health care options (it's not really a system) is just peachy, check out some of the videos here about Remote Area Medical (RAM). RAM is a Tennessee based non-profit that flies in to various American communities and provides free medical and dental services on a two day emergency basis to millions of Americans that this country's health care mess leaves out in the cold. From remote jungles to middle America where the need is just as great. RAM used to exclusively fly to remote jungle areas and third world countries to provide medical care to populations without access to doctors or hospitals. That was before RAM discovered how many Americans were living in third-world medical squalor here. Now RAM devotes 60% of the free clinics it holds to areas in America, such as the coal miming country of West Virginia and elsewhere in the south and southeast, where people are too poor to get any decent medical or dental care -- and thus are of... People in America and around the world couldn't get outraged enough over Cecil the Lion's death. Evidently they've not had a close up look at the nightmare of America's third world type medical care system that millions of Americans must put up with or they'd be screaming about that five times as loud as they do about Cecil's demise at the... Before and ever since America's Affordable Care Act. Source:

A ride in the American mid-west - The Hindu

The intrepid adventure sports exponent from Bengaluru, Anu Vaidyanathan has always been on the lookout for new challenges. The 32-year-old businesswoman and budding author is also called the country’s first “Iron-Man’ athlete. She is in the thick of action after a yearlong maternity break and recently participated in the Ragbrai bike ride in the US. She shared her experiences with MetroPlus in a freewheeling interview. Can you tell us something about Ragbrai. After a random conversation with my husband, I signed up for the race. It is an acronym for the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride across Iowa, in the Mid-Western US. Over the course of a week, several thousand people get on their bikes and ride around 462 miles, almost 750 km. across Iowa. The periphery of Iowa is demarcated by two rivers, the Mississippi on the east and the Missouri on the west. As a rite of passage, riders dip the rear of their bikes into the Mississippi when they set off and their front wheel into the Missouri, when they finish. How did you prepare for the ride and how difficult was the task of getting into sports again, especially after childbirth. I have been busy since the baby came. I have not had much time for training. I trained for a few weeks leading up to the ride but it was minimal. You faced a few hiccups before you got ready like missing baggage in airport and other issues, did that affect your focus. I had a nightmare of a trip. The airline lost my bags and my bike. Finally my bike arrived just 12 hours before the ride in Chicago, and Sioux City was more than 500 miles away. Through a series of last minute planning and stressful logistics, I found myself in Sioux City at 1. 30 a. m. The ride started in four-and-a-half hours and I had to nap, shake off the jet lag and put my bike together. , I found myself in a parking lot, at the start of the ride, trying to find my keys. I quickly assembled the bike under the streetlights and managed to set off at 6. 30 a. m. Tell us about the race. We rode approximately 110 km. a day , starting from Sioux City through Storm Lake, Fort Dodge, Eldora, Cedar Falls, Hiawatha, Coralville and ending in Davenport. While the official distance was 462 miles, there were 20-30 miles extra in getting to and from camp-sites and eating places along the route. The stay was minimal, camping on local campgrounds with. Source:


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