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Baby Doppler Monitor with free Gel
Baby Doppler Monitor with free Gel by FIGERM

  • With One Year Warranty
  • Higher Sensitivity
  • Lovely Heart Design

Baby Activity and Heartbeat Monitor by BabyDoppler

Free shipping

Baby Activity and Heartbeat Monitor by BabyDoppler by Baby Doppler
iLifeSmart Pocket Heartbeat Baby Monitor Baby Sound Amplifier for Pregnancy with LCD Backlight
iLifeSmart Pocket Heartbeat Baby Monitor Baby Sound Amplifier for Pregnancy with LCD Backlight by iLifeSmart

  • The heartbeat monitor has built-in speaker and audio output, so you...
  • It will shut off after 1 minute of inactivity to save power.
  • High sensitivity probe, low ultrasound power, safer to the fetus.

Baby Heartbeat Monitor Sound Amplifier, Listening to unborn baby's heartbeat, Maternity & Pregnancy
Baby Heartbeat Monitor Sound Amplifier, Listening to unborn baby's heartbeat, Maternity & Pregnancy by BabyHeart

  • This monitor was designed to be able to connect you and your baby...
  • This heartbeat monitor is suitable for use after the 10th week of...
  • This amazing device allows any health care professional or soon to...

Baby Heartbeat Personalised Teddy Bears - 3d 4d Doppler Scan Pregnancy Bear (Pink Bear)
Baby Heartbeat Personalised Teddy Bears - 3d 4d Doppler Scan Pregnancy Bear (Pink Bear) by Baby Heartbeat Bear

  • If you would prefer a different message please send a message via...
  • You will receive a 15" Bear in colour of your choice.
  • You also get an embroidered t-shirt with the words "Mummy & Daddy...


Fetal Doppler Image Gender Reveal Party Invitation

A fun invitation to a gender reveal party featuring your baby's doppler image, sonogram or heartbeat. If you need help adjusting it, send us your image and we'll be happy to help you.
The card is easy to customize with your wording, font, font color and choice of six paper types.

Strange but - True! - Waterford Today

By Bill Sones and Rich Sones, PhD. Back in the 1970s, right turns on red lights were legalized in all 50 states of the US, in an attempt to conserve fuel. The guessing was that this would increase traffic accidents and pedestrian deaths, but statistical studies conducted at that time said otherwise. Why the gap. There is no gap, says Alex Reinhart in "Statistics Done Wrong: The Woefully Complete Guide. " Allowing right turns on red does indeed increase traffic accidents and pedestrian deaths, but the problem is with the interpretation of "statistical significance. " For example, a study of 20 intersections in Virginia showed that before the change there were 308 accidents, while afterward there were 337 in a similar time span, meaning the number of accidents had increased by 29 (about 9%). But this was not... other studies drew similar conclusions. Yet statistical insignificance does not equate to practical insignificance. Later larger studies--after the laws had become entrenched--"showed that among incidents involving right turns, collisions were occurring roughly 20% more frequently, 60% more pedestrians were being run over, and twice as many bicyclists were... "Toponyms" combine "topos" (place) and "onoma" (name) to signify words derived from place names, such as "antimacassar," "charlatan," "podunk" and "spaniel. " Can you define these terms and identify their place of origin. Think Indonesia, Italy, USA and Spain. "Antimacassar" is a covering on the back of a seat used as protection from hair oil, dirt, etc, says Anu Garg on his "A. Word. Day" web site. It comes from "anti," or "against," and "Macassar oil," a hair oil made with ingredients from Macassar, a city in Indonesia. Look to Italy for the source of "charlatan," from "ciarlatana," or "cerretano," an inhabitant of the Umbrian village known for its quacks. Add in the Italian "ciarlare" (to chatter) and the word suggests someone claiming false expertise who's prone to chattering. "Podunk," a river and a native tribe in Connecticut, gives its name to "a small and unimportant town," earliest documented use in 1657. Finally, "spaniel," combining Old French "espaignol" (for Spanish dog) and "Hispana" (Spain), refers to a breed... Source:

What It's Really Like to Have a Miscarriage - (blog)

Up to a quarter of all clinically recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage , but it's an experience that too often is hidden from public view, leaving many women feeling alone or blame for what happened to them. In this week's Sex Talk Realness , Cosmopolitan. com spoke to four anonymous women about what it's really like to lose a pregnancy. The first sign of the first loss was spotting in my underwear only hours after getting that first positive test. Based on when we had sex, my guess is that I was about six weeks along. The second loss was much more complicated. I went to the OB for my first appointment and since I was past 10 weeks, I asked if the nurse could find the baby's heartbeat for me with the doppler wand. She looked and looked and looked, but couldn't find it. Most people were incredibly kind, supportive, and empathetic. However, after the third miscarriage, my husband and I stopped telling people about our pregnancies and losses. We had begun to undergo testing and became more private in the process. This was partly to protect ourselves, but also to protect friends and families who became concerned that something really was wrong with us. We kept the news of the first miscarriage fairly quiet and with the exception of our closest family and a... I wasn't in a place where I felt comfortable talking about something that was so deeply personal and traumatic. We knew by the second miscarriage that we would do better in the long run if we told our friends and family, accepted whatever help they offered, and gave ourselves time at home to recover. Our friends and family organized childcare for the day of my surgery, brought meals, and had flowers delivered. The physical reminders that we were loved and supported, no matter what would happen, helped sustain me through the next few weeks. Someone asked me once: "Do you think it was the stress. " Although she was trying to be helpful, I was extremely offended. student, not a soldier at war. As it turns out, everyday stresses do not cause miscarriages. Large-scale stressors such as famines and world wars have been correlated to higher rates of miscarriages. not essays and presentations. I think recovery tends to go one of two ways. The loss either triggers an intense desire to become pregnant again immediately, or it can become a major emotional block that takes months or even years to get past. For me, it was the former. I became determined. Source:

Renting a Baby Doppler Was a Horrifying Experience - The Stir

When I was pregnant with my first son and heard that you could rent those baby doppler gadgets online in order to hear the fetal heartbeat in the comfort of your own home, I thought it sounded kind of cool, but rife with the potential for obsession. I didn't want to be constantly poking a goo-slathered microphone around my belly, intently listening for sounds of distress, not that I even knew what a fetal sound of distress might be. (A tiny voice begging me to stop already with the Haagen-Dazs. Then I sort of completely changed my mind and ordered one. I'm not really sure why—maybe because during those early weeks I felt ridiculously gassy and bloated (an overabundance of frozen dairy can do that to a person), but also weirdly not pregnant at all. I decided that being able to hear the heartbeat would be soothing, and that listening to it with my husband would be a special, loving ritual we could share together as we bonded with our unborn child. There I was, lying on my back, my belly all a-glisten with ultrasound gel, and my husband started sliding the wand around. Right away we could hear a heartbeat, loud and clear. About 10 minutes later, we finally picked up the baby's softer, much faster heartbeat, and I began to recover from the massive panic attack I had been experiencing from mistaking my own heart's slow-ass adult WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH sound (that could... Let me tell you, when you read, "The normal fetal heart rate (FHR) is 120 to 160 beats per minute" and you count 88, you start wishing you'd never heard of the effing doppler because all it brings is FEAR and MISERY and A REALLY, REALLY DRY MOUTH. In fact, during those awful minutes while I listened to a heartbeat that was clearly not at all what the baby's should have been sounding like, I became absolutely convinced I had caused irreparable fetal harm by helping my husband paint the... ) nursery the week before. I don't know why my brain fixated on that possibility, but I started crying and begged my husband to go look at the (low fumes. ) Sherwin-Williams can to see if it said anything like, "MAY CAUSE FREAKISHLY SLOW HEARTBEAT, FLIPPERS, OR FONDNESS FOR NEWT GINGRICH. Source:


Fetal Doppler--Listening to Baby's Heartbeat

Most women first hear their baby's heartbeat during a routine checkup that uses the fetal Doppler early in their pregnancy.

Is it safe to use a fetal Doppler to listen to my baby's ...

Find out whether it's safe (and worth the money) to use a portable fetal Doppler to listen to your baby's heartbeat at home during pregnancy.

When Can You Hear the Baby's Heartbeat on a Doppler?

Updated June 16, 2014. Question: When Should You Be Able to Detect the Baby's Heartbeat on a Doppler? Answer: A fetal Doppler is a handheld ultrasound ...

BellyBeats pregnancy, maternity and health products for ...

Offering a fetal heart Doppler. Rent or buy.

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