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Pregnancy and Birth Everything You Need to Know: Your Developing Baby, Antenatal Care, and Childbirth Choices


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Pregnancy and Birth Everything You Need to Know: Your Developing Baby, Antenatal Care, and Childbirth Choices

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Banner Thunderbird medical staff brings health, happiness to newborns, families -

The doctor called to tell Melton her son had gastroschisis, an extremely rare and potentially fatal condition in which a baby’s intestines and organs develop outside the abdominal wall. An appointment was made for the very next day so Melton and Foley could speak with doctors about how to proceed. Hearing that kind of news, though, it was no surprise the couple said they did not wait for the appointment to learn more. “I went home and Googled everything about it,” Melton said. “They say not to do that, but it’s kind of hard not to. ”. Foley said it was a relief to find that gastroschisis now has a much higher survival rate than in the past — where 25 years ago as much as 33 percent of afflicted babies did not live... “That was comforting, for sure,” he said. “We kind of helped ourselves to feel better about it that night. And then we had hours and hours of meetings with the doctors, pediatric surgeons, specialists, and getting every option of what we could expect. All of that made it a lot easier to go through, but there’s still a lot of fear and worry throughout the entire time. The final months of the pregnancy were hectic and stressful. Trey was born May 5 and went into surgery the next day. The remarkable thing is, he was not the only baby born at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center with gastroschisis within that week. Two other families gave birth to gastroschisis babies April 28 and May 1, respectively, and on top of that, all three babies went into surgery on the same day. Juan Acosta is one of two pediatric surgeons at Banner Thunderbird. He said when the baby is born a process begins wherein the bowel is examined to ensure its viability and then it is eased back in behind the abdominal wall in a process that takes as long as it takes. There is no planning it. Stuart Lacey, the other pediatric surgeon, said he was in the operating room with one of the babies when Acosta poked his head in. “I asked him what he was doing that day and when he told me, I said, ‘You’re kidding,’”... Even the medical staff was amazed that all three babies were ready for surgery on the same day. Lacey said it is a testament to that team, though, that they never batted an eye. “People asked me how it went and I tell them the OR didn’t really hiccup over it,” he said. “It really went off without a hitch. Same thing with newborn ICU. Source:

Olivia Ward Gives Birth: Biggest Loser Champ Welcomes Baby Boy With Husband ... - Us Magazine

Welcome to the world, kiddo. Biggest Loser champ Olivia Ward welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with husband Ben Ward on Friday, Aug. 14, she announced via Instagram. PHOTOS: Cutest celeb baby announcements. "It is with overwhelming joy @benwardmusic and I would like to introduce our son Harper Ellis Ward," the proud new mom captioned a photo of her newborn son. "Born 8-14-15 weighing 8 lbs. We couldn't be more grateful to God for this amazing gift. PHOTOS: Babies of the year. The reality star, 39 -- who won Season 11 of NBC's hit weight-loss series -- first revealed her pregnancy exclusively to Us Weekly back in February. "My husband Ben and I are so thrilled to be expecting," she gushed at the time. The news was especially sweet given Ward's past struggles to conceive. As she shared in 2013, she had a difficult time getting pregnant because of polycystic ovarian syndrome, a hormonal condition that can also cause weight gain. PHOTOS: Biggest Loser winners. "To say I feel beyond blessed is an understatement," she told Us in February. "We have wanted children for a long time, which makes this gift so incredibly special. Now a SoulCycle instructor in New York, the former opera singer endeared herself to fans during her 2011 stint on The Biggest Loser. She competed alongside her sister Hannah Curlee, dropping an incredible 129 pounds on the show. PHOTOS: The most shocking Biggest Loser makeovers ever. Sign up now for the Us Weekly newsletter to get breaking celebrity news, hot pics, and more delivered straight to your inbox. Source:

San Diego Zoo's panda mom a giant gift to science - The San Diego Union-Tribune

When San Diego Zoo visitors drop in on Bai Yun, the giant panda, they see what most humans see when they look at these endangered creatures: a Beanie baby come to life. Too toylike to be real. When zoo staff members look at this 23-year-old matriarch, however, they do not see cute or cuddly. They see pioneering and prolific. A walking textbook that is almost too priceless for words. “I might be bragging because everyone loves her, but I think Bai Yun is the most scientifically influential panda that has ever lived,” said Barbara Durrant, Henshaw Chair and director of reproductive physiology for the San Diego Zoo Institute for... “She has given us more information about giant pandas than any panda ever. Since coming to the San Diego Zoo from China in 1996, Bai Yun has been in the rare-animal milestone business. And last week, she hit another one. After giving birth to six of the 13 surviving panda cubs born in this country, Bai Yun may have reached the end of her reproductive years. After surprising everyone by going into season this spring, Bai Yun was artificially inseminated. Panda-watchers were guardedly hopeful, but on Monday, the zoo announced that multiple tests revealed she was not pregnant. Given her age, and the fact that giant pandas are only in season once a year, this was probably the zoo’s last chance for another Bai Yun baby. But Bai Yun’s legacy. From tricky medical procedures to impressive training discoveries, this giant panda’s contributions have been, well, huge. “Everything we have learned here has been because of Bai,” said lead panda keeper Kathy Hawk, who has been with Bai Yun since the panda’s arrival. “She is the foundation of what we do here. There are an estimated 1,864 giant pandas in the wild and 300-plus living in captivity. Most of the pandas in captivity live in panda reserves in China, with smaller numbers living in zoos throughout the world. In the United States, the San Diego Zoo and the National Zoo in Washington, D. C. , each have three pandas on site. Zoo Atlanta has four, and the Memphis Zoo has two. Whether they are in Atlanta or Adelaide, these roly-poly animals draw besotted crowds. “It’s almost like they are this romanticized, larger-than-life thing,” said Carl Winston, director of San Diego State’s L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. “It is a natural human tendency to love cuddly. Source:

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Gift Ideas for a First Time Mom

Gift Ideas for a First Time Mom

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first-time mom's pregnancy and parenting guide. A heartwarming gift ...

first-time mom's pregnancy and parenting guide. A heartwarming gift ...