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Pregnancy for Men: The expectant dad's guide to the whole 9 months


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Pregnancy for Men: The expectant dad's guide to the whole 9 months

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The Expectant Dad's Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know


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The Expectant Dad's Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know by Early Learning Centre

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Pregnancy for Men: 101 Tips


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Pregnancy for Men: 101 Tips


birth support dad funny shirt - placenta

Great t-shirt for a dad who supports his wife during birth at hospital or home.
It's a cute, funny way to say he's awesome for being involved.
Hey girl, would you like me to help deliver your placenta?

Labor Coach (Worlds Best) Mens T-shirt

Here's a great gift for a man who will be coaching his wife through her labor and delivery! World's Best Labor Coach design on a men's t-shirt.

The Man Behind the Belly Button

Great gifts for the dad to be. The humorous words the man behind the belly on t shirts, mugs, dartboards, mouse pads, and even doggie tees.


Be Nice To Me My Wife Is Pregnant, this Men's Funny Maternity Shirt will let people know that you are an expecting dad.

The Man Behind the Belly Trucker Hat

Great gifts for the dad to be. The humorous words the man behind the belly on t shirts, mugs, dartboards, mouse pads, and even doggie tees.

Mom's diabetes in pregnancy can predict dad's risk - Futurity: Research News

If a woman develops diabetes while pregnant, her risk of type 2 diabetes after the birth rises. New research finds dad’s risk of the disease goes up, too. Gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy, affects between 3 and 20 percent of pregnant women. Those who develop gestational diabetes are 7 times as likely to eventually develop type 2 diabetes in the years following pregnancy. The study, which includes 20 years of data from Quebec, appears in Diabetes Care. “We observed that the incident of diabetes was 33 percent greater in men whose partner has gestational diabetes compared with men whose partners did not have gestational diabetes,” says lead author Kaberi Dasgupta, endocrinologist at the McGill... “This is the first study to demonstrate a link between gestational diabetes in mothers and diabetes incidence in fathers. Prior studies have shown partners to be similar in their weight and physical activity. Moreover, Dr. Dasgupta’s team has shown evidence in a study conducted in 2014 that spousal diabetes was a diabetes risk factor. Then the researchers hypothesized that gestational diabetes in mothers signals a possible diabetes incidence in fathers. Gestational diabetes occurs when couples are in young to middle adulthood. Diabetes risk factors in these years are of high importance as they offer an opportunity for long-term prevention. The researchers randomly selected singleton live births from 1990 to 2007 with a positive diagnosis for gestational diabetes in mothers and matched controls without gestational diabetes from health administrative, birth, and death registry data... Then, they identified fathers with type 2 diabetes from the time of the mother’s post-delivery discharge from the hospital to the father’s departure from Quebec, death, or end of the study period (March 31, 2012). Overall, the researchers... “Our analysis suggests that couples share risk partly because of their shared social and cultural environment, which may contribute to health behaviors and attitudes,” explains Dasgupta. “The study reinforces the findings of our previous study on shared risk for diabetes in spouses and prior studies indicating that less healthy eating habits. Source:

Kim Kardashian has shown us that pregnant bodies are political dynamite - New Statesman

That Kim Kardashian’s a bit of a show-off, isn’t she. Posting a picture of her naked self, pregnant, on Instagram. Still, it’s not the first time that we’ve had pregnant celebrities indulging in a “look at me. ” moment: there was Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991 , then Myleene Klass on UK Glamour in 2007. Each time we get the chance to ponder... Personally I think Kardashian looks gorgeous. Moreover, accusations of showing-off aside, in an age when the ideal female body is as anti-maternal as possible – body fat ratio too low to conceive, breasts too artificial to nurse, body hair status pre-pubescent – there is something very... According to Wired , We Need Kim Kardashain’s Pregnant Selfie More Than She Does : images such as this can be the start of a fight at grassroots level, showing that “the 99 per cent has as much agency to reshape the narrative around what is... ” Writing in the Guardian , Jonathan Jones takes a more highbrow approach: Kardashian’s selfie is “a hymn to the female body that would have been more familiar in the Renaissance than today […] body shapes were celebrated much more plurally in the... Diversity in our perception of beauty matters. it is a reflection of our culture and its prejudices. However, to me, as a fellow pregnant woman, there are even more specific questions we can ask about the importance of visibly pregnant bodies on the public stage. It is not just a matter of us “allowing” bigger bodies to be considered attractive (regardless whether or not it is because they are with child). The pregnant body is itself inherently confrontational. It undermines deeply held beliefs about power, wealth, the individual and male supremacy. While in many ways a naked Kim Kardashian putting a selfie on Instagram could not be more “symbolic of the contemporary Zeitgeist” if it tried, there is, embedded within each pregnant celebrity “look at me” message, a potential “fuck you”. In the symbolic context of a neoliberal society, even the pregnancy of a wealthy woman is politically disruptive. As Barbara Katz Rothman writes, “we have in every pregnant woman the living proof. Source:

Give a Pregnant Lady a Seat, You A-Holes - Daily Beast

Like some six million other New Yorkers, I ride the subway every day. But now that I’m pregnant I’ve had to change up my routine just a bit. I smile and position my body where I know the train doors will stop so that I can slide into the car before everyone else. Once in, my movements are exaggerated, sometimes because they can’t help but be when carrying around a watermelon-sized fetus. But even on good days, I purposely keep the dramatic waddle and place a hand on my lower back, hoping it might make me that much more noticeable to the powerful, the privileged, the seated. No one budges or dares to look up. I softly sigh and desperately try to make eye contact with the other humans on my train. I position myself in the middle of the car where the largest number of eyes have the greatest chance of running into my form. Perchance our eyes meet, and I will follow up with my best, “my whole body hurts but it sure is worth it” unassuming Mother Earth smile. If I’m feeling silly, I’ll stand head on to the sitters so that my pregnancy is literally staring someone in the face. On braver days, I may mouth the words, “Can I sit. At 39 weeks pregnant—that means for practical purposes that I am at all times carrying a full term baby with just my pelvis—my belly cannot be ignored. And yet it seems to have magical, hypnotic powers. Upon sight, those lucky seated become oh-so-sleepy, or entranced by screens. Once through those turnstiles, I become invisible, watermelon fetus and all. I take the subway at least twice a day, five days a week, and can count on my hands the number of times I’ve been offered a seat during my third trimester. What the hell is going on, New York. Why do so few people offer a seat to a pregnant woman. Using the power of the Internet, and the drawing from the bounteous well of people willing to share their stories of entitlement and insolence, I’ve learned there are myriad reasons. For some, it’s an issue of how to know whether a woman is truly pregnant or just has a bulging midsection. To escape an embarrassing situation for all, people—usually men—just stay put. For this very real quandary, a colleague shared his strategy: just quietly get up without a vocal offer. For the particularly vile, making a pregnant woman stand is an “ active and political choice. ” They see pregnancy as a predicament of my own making and therefore all that comes with it should be suffered with. Source:

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