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Pregnancy for Dummies (UK Edition)


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Pregnancy for Dummies (UK Edition)


NAN for MOTHER Body Bag

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Pacifier soother postcard

Pacifier soother Baby Child Pregnant Pregnancy maternity comforter dummy blue

Pink Pacifier. Trucker Hat

Perfect to create your bouncing girl items.

Baby dummy “Silence "

Beautiful dummy with Buddha and a relaxed message for your small favourite.

personalised baby dummy

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Is 4-year-old Harper Beckham too old for a pacifier? The debate rages on - Yahoo Canada Shine On (blog)

But, if your child is four and still sucking on a soother don’t stress out too much. You don’t see many adults walking around with soothers in their mouths, even late bloomers eventually grow out of using a pacifier. Kids seem not to progress, then grow up in leaps and bounds before your very eyes, said Douglas, whose children now range in age from 17 to 27. Source:

Mentally Ill Mother Throws Infant To The Ground In Disturbing Video - Madame Noire

Disturbing video footage of a Memphis, Tenn. mother abusing her 19-day-old child surfaced earlier this weekend on Friday (July 24). In the video, the mother is seen repeatedly hurling baby Christian to the ground while chanting religious sayings, praying and calling on God. The video also shows her encouraging her daughter, who is seen sitting in her lap, to copy her violent behavior. The loud shrieking cries of the infant are heart rendering as the abuse continues. She is also seen dragging him around by his arm. The woman seen in the footage has not been named, but the person who captured the 13-minute video is said to be the child’s father. Witnessing the incessant abuse, the father did not physically intervene for several minutes as he was “scared for his own safety. ” Both parents began to shout at one another, in which he finally begged and pleaded her to stop mistreating their son before calling police, according to Fox13. After reported, the Memphis police arrived to the scene and took the mother in for a psychiatric evaluation. Relatives of the unidentified woman claim that she is mentally ill. The child’s grandmother, Lily Moore, told Fox 13 that she had stopped taking her meds during her pregnancy “because she didn’t want to take anything to harm the baby. ” “Knowing my daughter, that was not my normal daughter,” Moore said. I did not and would not watch the video, however I want to comment on the subject (opinions welcomed). My sister has mental illness. Sometimes she takes her meds and sometimes she does not. Which I am told by her caseworker that is her right to do so. I took custody of her child (my beautiful niece. -)) so she wouldn’t be with Child Services. The courts deemed my sister unfit to care for her child after having manic episodes. I hope someone steps up and protect this innocent, defenseless child so this will NOT happen again. There are people who would do anything to have a child and then there is this. She should have been monitored more closely during her pregnancy. Not only is this just horrifying but also it shows how much mental illness is disregarded altogether within this country. However, thankfully the children are out of her custody and the mom is getting help. Please, please keep her away from these children. Yes, she is their biological mother, but she is not mentally sound, even for unsupervised visits. My heart is just sick watching this video. Source:

'Infant should be attached properly for breastfeed' - Times of India

Gaya: The Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) centres in A N Magadh Medical College and Hospital that are run with support of Unicef are to be credited not only for educating mothers about breasftfeeding but also for about taking proper care of... They start counselling of women from the seventh month of pregnancy itself. Most of the expecting mothers are referred from the gynaecology department of A N Magadh Medical College Hospital or the public and private hospitals nearby. The expecting mothers are told about "proper diet". Post delivery, the newborn child is made to suck milk within one hour of birth by these counsellors. "At times, we do so even before the placenta is detached," Kaushalya, a counsellor, says. The counsellors also teach what is described as "positioning and attachment" of the infant for breastfeeding. Unicef's nutritionist Dr Shivani Dar says it's a myth to believe that the infant must be attached to the nipple of the breast. Instead, the infant must be attached with the areola, that is, the entire black portion of the breast for proper feeding. Areola's upper portion must be more exposed to the kid. The infant's ear, shoulder and knee must be in straight line while positioning. Infant's chin must be attached to the areola and his/her mouth be wide open, Dar explains. At times, women complain of not being able to feed milk because of several reasons. They are assisted in that too. During night, maximum milk is produced because of the activity of prolactin hormone. Therefore, infants must be fed at night. For HIV+ mothers, the counsellors advise feeding up to 6 months. Thereafter, when a kid develops teeth, there are chances of HIV transmission because if the kid bites, blood may ooze out and go to the kid's body. The remedy is that such mothers' milk should be sucked using a suction pump and then fed through a bowl. No transmission takes place through milk. Women are also advised not to feed the infants much in one go. The infants'abdomen has a capacity of only 200ml. So, if the baby stops sucking, s/he shouldn't be forced to, thinking that the baby may still be hungry. However, the kids' abdomen gets empty very frequently due to passing of urine and, hence, should be fed frequently. The underweight infants are referred to the IYCF centre attached with the paediatrics department. Its counsellor Tamanna said Gaya's Reeta. Source:

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  • Burna Boy claims ‘nobody was ever pregnant’, alleged baby-mama shares pregnancy proof

    06/24/16 ,via YNaija

    In response to Burna Boy, Uju Stella shared a photo of her first pregnancy test – possibly as proof that she is indeed pregnant, despite the fact that she’s deleted all photo-proofs from her social media page.


Pregnancy For Dummies Cheat Sheet - For Dummies

During your pregnancy, pack portable items you’ll need for your labor and delivery and hospital stay in a bag and keep it in a handy place or in your car.

Pregnancy - For Dummies

Understanding pregnancy is made easy with how-to tips and expert advice awaiting your discovery at , the online resource for fun fact-finding.

Pregnancy For Dummies: UK Edition: Roger ...

Pregnancy For Dummies: UK Edition: Roger Henderson: Fremdsprachige Bücher Prime testen Fremdsprachige Bücher. Los ...

Pregnancy Guide for Dummies

Drs. Joanne Stone and Keith Eddleman of Mt. Sinai Hospital, coauthors of the bestselling book Pregnancy For Dummies, host this informative DVD ...

Pregnancy For Dummies by Joanne Stone | 9780470387672 ...

Now updated—our bestselling guide to a safe and healthy pregnancy. With robust sales and its own four-part cable TV series, Pregnancy For Dummies has ...

Pregnancy For Dummies

Pregnancy For Dummies

Pregnancy for Dummies : Mary Duenwald : 9780730377399

Pregnancy for Dummies : Mary Duenwald : 9780730377399

Fit Pregnancy For Dummies. I am so buying this when the time comes ...

Fit Pregnancy For Dummies. I am so buying this when the time comes ...
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