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Pregnancy Fitness

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Pregnancy Fitness
What To Expect When You're Expecting Fitness DVD

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What To Expect When You're Expecting Fitness DVD by Lions Gate Home Entertainment

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Davina - My Pre & Post Natal Workouts [DVD] [2007]

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Davina - My Pre & Post Natal Workouts [DVD] [2007] by Pre Play


Pregnant Tee

Does this shirt make me look PREGNANT? is the perfect gift for the mommy to be. This relaxed fit cotton tee is available in various sizes and colors.

Crazy Fit Mama Maternity Shirt

Let the world know that even though you're expecting, you're still a fierce, fit mama. Choose from many different colors, and enjoy the looks of admiration when people see you, rocking your fit baby bump!

Yo' Mama Be So Fit Her Baby Be Nursing Muscle Milk Maternity T-Shirt

Prenatal Mommy Strength! What? You think a pregnant woman can't exercise? Think again :) You go, girl.

Golf Sport Ladies Golfing Golfer On Board Maternity T-Shirt

This funny womens golf design features a little golfer swinging a club Great for a fan, recreational or professional golfer who is expecting a new baby.

I love the fit, feel and the art maternity tank top

Original artwork done by me (Ken) of KENS CREATIONS LIVE on this great piece. Order yours today as well as this piece makes a great gift.

Sophie Guidolin calls it quits on her workout regime at 34 weeks pregnant with ... - Daily Mail

'It's probably a good time to call it quits': Weightlifting fitness guru 34 WEEKS pregnant with twins finally puts down the barbells to give birth Personal trainer Sophie Guidolin, 26, has had her last pregnancy workout The mother of two is 34... The trainer and nutritionist shared a video on Monday, revealing that she has 'called it quits' on training after months of intense pregnancy workouts. Mrs Guidolin, who is pregnant with twins, posted a video of herself doing a series of squats and lunges dressed in a bright pink sports crop and shorts. 'I think I can officially say that as of today this is my last day of working out during my twin pregnancy,' Mrs Guidolin, 26, wrote. 'With my constant pelvis pain and my body has started to compensate for the extra 17 kilograms my body has gained, by leaning forward, arching my back etc. so it's probably a good time to call it quits before I do injure myself before birth. Alongside the image she shared the news that she has gained just 15 kilograms, six of which are the babies. 'I am beginning to feel rather heavy down below now. ' Mrs Guidolin wrote. Fans of the fitness guru shared their support of the fitness personality online: 'How amazing. I didn't look like that when I was pregnant,' one follower commented at the time. 'She's 32 weeks pregnant. WITH TWINS. These magical pregnancy unicorns are popping up everywhere now. ' Another wrote. Source:

See Aussie Fitness Model Sophie Guidolin's Nude Photoshoot While 32 Weeks ... - People Magazine

Australian fitness model Sophie Guidolin is just weeks away from giving birth to twins, but that doesn't mean she's hiding her changing body. Guidolin, 26, posed in the buff for a series of black-and-white pregnancy photos while 32 weeks along with twin baby girls. In some photos, the nutritionist and model dons lacy matching lingerie, and in others her hands cover her bare breasts. Guidolin, who already has two little boys, shared one of the images through her Instagram on Thursday. "The babies currently weigh 3kilos (6p6oz) (combined)," she wrote. Guidolin, who continued to weight train throughout her second pregnancy, operates her own website where she sells in-depth exercise and nutrition plan programs, as well as her several recipe books. The mom hasn't been shy about documenting her pregnancy through social media, often sharing photos in underwear or tight-fitting workout gear. On Friday, Guidolin posted a date night pic, writing that she's gained 33 pounds with her baby girls. "I have gained 15 kilos so far, and am expecting the weight to increase pretty quickly these last few weeks. I just cannot wait to meet these baby twins," she wrote. Finally date night with the husband after a CRAZY week moving into our new gym. We haven't had a nice dinner just the 2 of us for a while, and with only weeks left of my pregnancy- We are taking full advantage of these pleasures. By the end of the day, my entire body is starting to ache I have gained 15 kilos so far, and am expecting the weight to increase pretty quickly these last few weeks. I just cannot wait to meet these baby twins. #twinpregnancy -50% OFF FLASH SALE NOW ON. No Code Required- Just click the link in my bio-. A photo posted by SOPHIE GUIDOLIN (@sophie_guidolin) on. Source:

Nine Months of Health: Pregnancy and Personal Training at Edge Fitness - ThurstonTalk

Preparing to welcome a new baby into your family is an exciting time of waiting and wondering. Not knowing who the little life growing inside you will become is part of the miracle of new life. However, for many women pregnancy also means accepting a changing body, developing an understanding of what that body is capable of. Ultimately, it’s capable of a whole lot, including bringing a baby into the world. Staying fit during your pregnancy is safe and beneficial for both mom and baby. Controlling weight gain and maintaining critical muscle tone and strength will not only help with the birth process, but speed healing and a return to “your old self” once the baby is born. But knowing what you can and can’t do and how to modify your routines is key. Amanda Price-Salazar is no stranger to understanding fitness during pregnancy. The 36-year-old owner and lead personal trainer at Edge Fitness in Tumwater is also a new mom to baby Mia, born in February 2015. In addition to her real-world experience as a new mom, Price-Salazar is also certified in pre- and post-pregnancy... She has helped countless women navigate their fitness goals throughout their pregnancys safely and effectively, seeing them through birth and back to their pre-baby bodies after. “It’s so important to take care of your health before you get pregnant, and then to maintain an active lifestyle throughout your pregnancy,” explains Price-Salazar. “If you are fit during pregnancy, when you have your baby, you are more likely to have a healthy labor and birth and are then physically prepared to give back to your baby. When a current Edge Fitness client lets Price-Salazar know she’s pregnant, the two of them sit down together and review guidelines for continued training and Boot Camp classes. She provides a comprehensive packet of information including nutrition guidelines, heart-rate monitor suggestions based on a client’s doctor’s recommendation, exercises for at home and more. Very few modifications are needed in the gym initially, but as the pregnancy progresses, workout changes are necessary. “I make sure I check in with a pregnant client after each visit with their OBGYN and see if there are any changes in their care and health,” Price-Salazar says. And based on her education and experience, she helps women know when to start modifying activities during boot camps and training sessions. For example, when it’s no longer safe to. Source:

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    09/18/15 ,via Philadelphia Daily News

    I was a Division 1 athlete, I am no stranger of being pushed beyond my limits in sports. I know how to push the pain aside to get the set done and to suck it up, even though every bone and muscle in your body is seizing and telling you to stop. I thought I ...


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