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Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow Balancing Facial Wash 100 ml

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Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow Balancing Facial Wash 100 ml by Mama Mio
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Mama Mio Your Pregnancy Essentials Kit by Mama Mio
Salcura Bioskin Face Wash, 200 ml


Salcura Bioskin Face Wash, 200 ml by Salcura

  • Bioskin Face Cleanser is an effective and pleasant to use gentle...
  • Low-foaming. Suitable for all skin types, particularly those prone...
  • 97% natural, with nourishing Sea Buckthorn, vital for skin healing...

Salcura Bioskin Junior Face and Body Wash 200 ml
Salcura Bioskin Junior Face and Body Wash 200 ml by Salcura

  • Our products do not contain Steroids, Paraffin, Sodium Laureth...
  • Salcura's Bioskin Junior Face and Body Wash uses a bio-scientific,...
  • Our bio-scientific natural ingredients like Calendula, Chamomile...

Salcura Sensitive & Dry Skin Face Wash 200ml Omega Moist.


Salcura Sensitive & Dry Skin Face Wash 200ml Omega Moist. by Salcura

  • vital for skin healing and skin repair
  • Moisturises dry and flaky skin
  • Suitable for all skin types

25 soap spoilers: EastEnders Kathy Beale twist, Emmerdale body found, Casualty ... - Metro

What is this on the horizon. Could it be…Kathy Beale. She steps back into Walford this coming week and brings a whole lot of trouble to Phil’s door while she’s at it. But will anyone else discover that she’s alive and well. She makes the rookie error of leaving some significant clues behind…. Casualty also has a big week with not one, but TWO massive helpings of medical drama. The show airs an exciting finale which sees Max and Zoe’s wedding go up in flames – will everyone survive the horror that awaits. Elsewhere, Dylan has some tough challenges to face too as he is diagnosed with OCD. Things get dark in Coronation Street as Callum’s reign of terror pulls in poor Jason – with horrific consequences while over in Emmerdale a body is found. Is the game finally up for Pete. And finally to Hollyoaks as both Maxine and Porsche make massive discoveries – but how will they handle them. Here are your weekly 25 spoilers in all of their juicy goodness. Coronation Street. Jason leaps to the aid of the Platts as Callum’s campaign against the family intensifies. But he has messed with the wrong man as he discovers to his peril when some lackeys take him into the back alley and subject him to a beating so severe that he may not even survive. And there is further bad news in store for Eileen and Tony following the horror attack. Nick finally admits his feelings for Carla and the pair spend the night together. But will Erica free Nick to follow his heart. And can he even persuade Carla not to move to LA. 3. Carla has a further surprise when her old friend Aidan shows up. His arrival is thanks to Nick and his much needed support leads Carla to make a big decision about the future of the factory. There is romance in store for Craig at least as he locks lips with Cait, Dougie’s daughter. But, as the time comes to head home, is Craig in for some holiday heartbreak. The week ends on a particularly bad note for Fiz and Tyrone who take an under the weather Hope for a checkup and are then told she needs an emergency ultrasound scan…. EastEnders. Phil and Sharon have other matters to deal with when they visit Max in prison to try and persuade him to plead guilty. He is not giving up the fight and drops a bombshell on them when he announces that he has a new brief…. As Jane prepares to take drastic action, another Lucy Beale murder development could. Source:

DuPont and the Chemistry of Deception - The Intercept - First Look Media

EN WAMSLEY SOMETIMES DREAMS that he’s playing softball again. He’ll be at center field, just like when he played slow pitch back in his teens, or pounding the ball over the fence as the crowd goes wild. Other times, he’s somehow inexplicably back at work in the lab. Wamsley calls them nightmares, these stories that play out in his sleep, but really the only scary part is the end, when “I wake up and I have no rectum anymore. ” Wamsley is 73. After developing rectal cancer and having surgery to treat it in 2002, he walks slowly and gets up from the bench in his small backyard slowly. His voice, which has a gentle Appalachian lilt, is still animated, though, especially when he talks about his happier days. There were many. While Wamsley knew plenty of people in Parkersburg, West Virginia, who struggled to stay employed, he made an enviable wage for almost four decades at the DuPont plant here. The company was generous, helping him pay for college courses and training him to become a lab analyst in the Teflon division. He enjoyed the work, particularly the precision and care it required. For years, he measured levels of a chemical called C8 in various products. The chemical “was everywhere,” as Wamsley remembers it, bubbling out of the glass flasks he used to transport it, wafting into a smelly vapor that formed when he heated it. A fine powder, possibly C8, dusted the laboratory drawers and floated in... At the time, Wamsley and his coworkers weren’t particularly concerned about the strange stuff. “We never thought about it, never worried about it,” he said recently. He believed it was harmless, “like a soap. Wash your hands [with it], your face, take a bath. Today Wamsley suffers from ulcerative colitis, a bowel condition that causes him sudden bouts of diarrhea. The disease also can — and his case, did — lead to rectal cancer. Between the surgery, which left him reliant on plastic pouches that collect his waste outside his body and have to be changed regularly, and his ongoing digestive problems, Wamsley finds it difficult to be away from his home for long. Sometimes, between napping or watching baseball on TV, Wamsley’s mind drifts back to his DuPont days and he wonders not just about the dust that coated his old workplace but also about his bosses who offered their casual assurances about the... ” he asked. “When did they know. Did they lie. Source:

A new fight over oil shows why it's so hard to keep Iraq from splintering - Washington Post

Iraq’s Kurdish region has begun to sell oil independently of the central government, a move that is exacerbating divisions in the country as it struggles to turn back Islamic State militants. The Kurdish region last month stopped transferring oil to the state as it had promised to do under a landmark deal in 2014. Kurdish officials argued that payments from Baghdad had not been sufficient. Instead, the region exported more than 600,000 barrels a day itself, Kurdish and Iraqi officials said, a step that Baghdad considers illegal. The dispute threatens to widen differences in a country already effectively split into three parts: the Kurdish north, areas in southern and central Iraq controlled by the Shiite-led government, and territory in the north and west seized by the... The collapse of the oil deal also risks ruining one of the key achievements of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who was credited with improving relations with the Kurds after years of acrimony. “It’s a crisis,” said Arez Abdullah, a Kurd who heads the Iraqi parliament’s oil committee. “In reality, neither side is committed, and they are exchanging accusations. Kurdish officials say they have been forced to move toward economic independence rather than rely on authorities in Baghdad to pay the salaries of the Kurdish region’s government workers and fighters. Those fighters have been going without pay, hurting morale at a time when they have been protecting hundreds of miles of an informal border against Islamic State militants. “It’s very important to resolve this because of the security situation,” said Ibrahim Mohammad Bahr al-Ulloum, a former oil minister and a member of parliament’s oil committee. “We have to have a good relationship with the Kurds. The federal government had intended to open a joint command center with the Kurds in northern Iraq to coordinate an offensive to take back the city of Mosul, which was seized by the Islamic State last summer. Those plans are on hold, in part because of a new focus on Anbar province. But the worsening relations between Baghdad and the Kurds do not help the situation, officials said. [ Kurds say they have ejected Islamic State from large area in Iraq’s north ]. Abadi was widely praised when he brokered the oil deal in December. Relations between the Kurds and Baghdad had frayed under the previous prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and the central. Source:


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