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Essentials of Maternity, Newborn, and Women's Health Nursing by Susan Scott...
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Essentials of Maternity, Newborn, and Women's Health Nursing by Susan Scott...

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Essentials of Maternity, Newborn, and Women's Health Nursing by Susan Scott...
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Essentials of Maternity, Newborn, and Women's Health Nursing by Susan Scott...

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Mama Mio Your Pregnancy Essentials Kit

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Mama Mio Your Pregnancy Essentials Kit by Mama Mio
Purple butterflies Essentials pre-packed maternity/hospital bag/holdall for Mum & Baby NEXT WORKING DAY* AVAILABLE (order by midday)
Purple butterflies Essentials pre-packed maternity/hospital bag/holdall for Mum & Baby NEXT WORKING DAY* AVAILABLE (order by midday) by Bags of Essentials

  • see for other colours & styles
  • Contains all the essentials for your hospital stay
  • Baby shower gift; Pre packed hospital bag - containing essentials...

Harry Duley Maternity Belly Band (Pre Pregnancy Size UK 10, Black)

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Harry Duley Maternity Belly Band (Pre Pregnancy Size UK 10, Black) by Harry Duley

  • The essential layering piece. Wear your favourite non-maternity...
  • Great when breastfeeding too, because it leaves the tummy covered.
  • Handmade in Britain. Supersoft & breathable cotton. Perfect to wear...

My Birth Bag – The Perfect Baby Shower/Mum-to-Be/Maternity Gift Set
My Birth Bag – The Perfect Baby Shower/Mum-to-Be/Maternity Gift Set by mybirthbox

  • ARDO GOLD NIPPLE CREAM - Ardo Gold Nipple Cream to help soothe and...

The Maternity Hydrant Hands Free Drinking aid for Pregnancy, Labour, Breastfeeding and Maternity Recovery
The Maternity Hydrant Hands Free Drinking aid for Pregnancy, Labour, Breastfeeding and Maternity Recovery by Hydrate for Health

  • Essential for every maternity hospital bag
  • No discomfort caused by lifting drinks during C-section recovery
  • Hang it, hook it or clip almost anywhere for easy immediate access...

5 Essentials For Finding Yourself Again After Pregnancy - Information Nigeria

You may have dreamed about it your entire life. or you may not have thought anything of it before. Perhaps it came easy. or you had to fight for it. Maybe you weren’t planning it at all. Whatever the circumstances, it’s here. You’ve become a mom. YOU ARE MOM. And, if you are like most moms, you love it. It’s wonderful. but what about the times when it’s not. What about the times you wish you could go back to your “old” identity. The answer is simple: You can. you just have to find her again. She is there, hiding behind baggy eyes, stretch marks and spit-up stains. Here are five essentials for finding yourself again after pregnancy and becoming a mom. Gym membership. How predictable, right. This gym membership is not for your physical self. it’s for your mental health. Sure, losing that baby weight and getting healthy can boost your confidence and physically help bring back that girl you were before. however, by getting yourself a gym membership, you are doing so much more. Once you have that membership card in hand, you have your ticket to the lost land of ALONE TIME. Getting out of the house is hard once you have a baby. mostly because you don’t want to leave all that cuteness coming from the human you worked so hard to create and keep alive. However, alone time is vital. By having a gym membership, you are giving yourself an excuse, if you will, to get out and focus on yourself. While running on the treadmill you can clear your thoughts, mentally plan next week’s menu (it has to be done. ) or simply listen to something other than lullabies. Don’t feel like you are a prisoner in your own home. Your baby will be OK and even enjoy a walk around the block, taking a stroller ride around the mall or tagging along as you visit friends. Being confined can be breeding grounds for negativity, loneliness and often depression. You and your baby will both benefit from getting out. Do you even have any friends left. Yes, they are just waiting for you to show signs of life. Get out with them. Nothing will make you feel like you are closer to who you once were than those you feel most comfortable around. Make time for them. Chances are, they are just waiting for you to be ready. Not only will being with them rejuvenate and inspire you, but it will remove any possible guilt you may feel about neglecting them (even though you aren’t. you just had a major life change. It should also be. Source:

Online, the new school of dorm decor -

Once my daughter turned in her college acceptance form, her next step was not combing through the course catalog to figure out her classes. instead, she set out to find a roommate. This was a surprise to me. I had assumed roommates were randomly assigned, as they were when I went to college, but social media has made it possible for newly admitted students to seek out their own living arrangements, and many colleges and... In my daughter's case, she ended up finding a potential roommate through a friend of a friend. The two girls set up a time to iChat, and after a rapid-fire session of questioning that resembled speed dating, they decided that they were probably compatible. By the end of the conversation, they had even agreed on a periwinkle blue color scheme for their room. Last week, they learned their request had been granted. I liken this "pick your roommate" process to finding out what sex your child is before it's born: By removing a big unknown, one can better plan and manage expectations. For many students, something as simple as coordinating duvet colors in advance or deciding who will provide the room's minifridge alleviates unnecessary anxiety, making the transition to college life that much easier. But even if a student has chosen a roommate in advance, there is still the stress of acquiring all of the stuff one needs for the dorm room. (Again, it reminded me of pregnancy, when I was overwhelmed by the long list of things I needed to buy. ) The big-box stores carry just about everything, but a more targeted inventory is available through several online retailers that specialize in dorm room decor. com is one such company. It was launched three years ago by two cousins, Shanil Wazirali, 26, and Sagar Hemani, 24, had been overwhelmed by the cost and frustrated by the amount of stuff they needed to outfit their dorm rooms. Wazirali explained in an e-mail, "We didn't want other students to be tricked into buying everything stores told them they 'needed,' overspending the way we did. We took surveys on our own campuses to understand what students actually ended up buying versus using. We then curated packages to create a shopping experience that would be easy for parents and students to get the true essentials, all in one box. The company offers three packages: The most basic (mostly bedding and towels plus a much-needed clip-on fan) costs $175, a mid-range. Source:

From heroin to heroine: Mom chooses life with help from a friend - Lifesite

August 14, 2015 ( PregnancyHelpNews ) -- Pregnancy help organizations are becoming increasingly well-known in their communities for their tireless work to help each woman facing a crisis pregnancy and provide her with life-affirming alternatives... But, it isn’t just the lives of unborn children that are saved by the work of these organizations. The women who seek help at these organizations are often in desperate need of support as well. Such was the case at A Woman’s Friend Pregnancy Resource Clinic in Marysville, Calif. , when a client named Hillary walked through their doors in March of 2014. Addicted to heroin and homeless, Hillary found herself pregnant. Hillary felt she was beyond all hope of caring for her child. Feeling that abortion was her only option, Hillary made her visit to A Woman’s Friend to confirm her pregnancy with a free ultrasound, and to get help accessing state-run Medi-Cal health benefits to pay for the abortion at a local Planned Parenthood. As it turned out, Hillary would end up receiving far more help than she could have imagined, walking through the doors that have been open to women since 1987, and is one of over 1,000 U. S. pregnancy help organizations offering free ultrasounds. “They were actually all filled up for ultrasounds that day,” Hillary said, recalling her consultation, “But I think that [the client advocate] knew that I needed that ultrasound. They got me in that day, a couple of hours later. During that first session, Carol Lawson, Hillary’s client advocate at A Woman’s Friend performed a free ultrasound, and continued to offer support, minister to, and pray with Hillary—despite her skepticism that she would be able to change enough... “I remember telling my client advocate, ‘I can’t imagine how I’m going to stop using heroin for my baby. I can’t even do it for myself, ” Hillary said. Seeing her child on the ultrasound screen, and gaining a better understanding of the growing life she was carrying during her initial visit, Hillary had been even more impressed with the genuine compassion the staff showed to her at the appointment. While she had expected the staff at the faith-based pregnancy help center to judge her, or try to aggressively evangelize her, the caring tone and follow-up care she received left a lasting impression. More importantly, it gave Hillary an opportunity to slow down and. Source:

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Pregnancy Essentials Kit Subscription - Healthy Kisses

Pregnancy Essentials Kit Subscription - Healthy Kisses