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Food: The new sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - Campaign Asia-Pacific

More and more over the last decade, food has been heralded as the new rock and roll: with headlines about swearing celebrity chefs, queues round the block for no-booking restaurants, and a rising tide of food festivals. we even had Jamie Oliver playing the drums. But it hasn’t stopped there. The growing ubiquity of food in nearly all aspects of young people’s lives has meant it is no longer just the rock and roll, but the sex and drugs too. As Steven Poole highlights in the fantastic You Aren’t What You Eat , it’s not the first time this shift has been seen, for food at least: Foucault argued in a 1983 television interview that, in modern times, sex had replaced the ancients' focus... “But three decades on, food is undeniably back on top. The UK population is having less and less sex. The average heterosexual couple reports having sex three times a month between the ages of 16 and 44. This has, over the last 20 years, decreased from five times a month, reports the Telegraph. Reflecting these figures, the UK’s teenage pregnancy rates have fallen to their lowest level for 46 years. So what might young people be doing with all this new free time. Coulombe & Philip Zimbardo’s recent book Man (Dis)connected points a firm finger at the use of extreme online pornography and videogames. They raise concerns about young people (young men for the most part) and their need to create safe spaces where they can avoid the complexities of real human relationships. In Japan, the term herbivore men has been coined to describe a growing trend for young men to devote their energies to things other than sex. (Note the reference to food in the nickname. But these concerns aside, many young people online are doing the one thing they do best – being sociable. And this involves food in a big way. There are an average of 70 million Instagram images shared each day, with UK Millennials sharing an average of 3 a week related to food. As a space enabling demonstration of experimentation and exploration it is no surprise that it has built a reputation as an ideal medium for reporting the consumption as well as the preparation of food. As Kevin Gould, the Guild of Food Writers’ Travel Writer of the Year predicts, “social media will continue to grow as a more rounded space for sharing and co-operation, rather than simply ego-led boasting. With the growing cultural. Source:

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK: Uzo Aduba on Season 3, Exploring Romance, and More -

Fans of Orange is the New Black just can’t get enough of all of the colorful characters on the hit series, of which the first three seasons are currently available at Netflix while Season 4 is already in production. The show has become known for its intense, funny, surprising and sexy characters, one particular favorite of which is Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, played by Emmy Award winner Uzo Aduba. While at the Netflix portion of the TCA Press Tour, actress Uzo Aduba spoke at a roundtable interview about how fun it was to explore the whole fan fiction element this season, as Suzanne tried her hand at writing alien erotica, exploring... Question: The whole fan fiction element of this season, in which Suzanne pens her own sexy stories, was so great. Did you imagine more of the story than what actually came out. UZO ADUBA: Absolutely. How can you not go home after work and wonder what’s going on with Rodcocker. You can’t not start to fantasize about it. When we got that part of the story in the script, I was like, “Oh, okay. We’re going there. He has two instruments, as we’ll call them, and he’s wonderful at using them both. ” I was really excited because, in the past, we’ve seen Suzanne fancy herself a bit of a linguist and wordsmith. It’s interesting to see her in Season 1, and see what she does with someone else’s words and how she uses that to craft her artistic nature. And then, in this season, she’s free to create her own word choices and this is what she decides to come up with. She wants to write adult erotica, set in outer space, just to change it up. How much of the fan fiction exists outside of the scripts. ADUBA: I don’t know if they fleshed out the entire Time Hump Chronicles. They probably have, but I don’t know, for sure. When we were shooting it, we did have those pages that were in the scene. That is actually legitimately a story that I had to take home with me and write it how Suzanne would write it. That’s my handwriting. I had to imagine how Suzanne would pen this story, so I was. Source:

WTF: Utah Public HS Sent These Abstinence-Only Contracts To Students - YourTango

These are actual worksheets sent home with students taking a sex education course at Copper Hills High School in West Jordan, UT, in 2015. I repeat: These are REAL. Let's take a closer look at them, shall we. Here are some actual things from these worksheets:. I refuse to feel the emotional harm that comes from premarital sex: guilt, disappointment, worry, rejection. I refuse to enter marriage with unnecessary baggage from past relationships. I refuse to put my ability to have children at risk. I refuse to jeopardize my future relationship with my spouse. I refuse to loose (sic) control of my life, my future goals, or my dreams. I refuse to disappoint my parents. Digest that for a minute. These worksheets aren't just furthering the notion that the only safe sex is no sex. they're flat-out telling our kids that sex is likely to ruin their lives. Threatening the loss of parental approval, future love , future children, and accomplishing goals and dreams is pretty damn intense — and pretty damn disgusting. Who needs to provide kids with appropriate, factual information and perspective when you can just use emotional blackmail to get them to do what you want. "But wait," you may say, "some of these are real risks of having sex. They're not wrong. " Yes, they are. No matter what morsel of truth may be buried within them, scare tactics and shaming are always wrong. Shame tells kids they're bad for doing something very normal and it prevents them from making smart, healthy choices such as buying and using condoms , getting on birth control , or getting tested (and treated) for sexually transmitted infections. Shame keeps them from talking to someone they trust about big decisions like having sex and being able to discuss any unexpected feelings they may have as a result of doing so. Shame prevents partner-to-partner conversations about consent,... Look, some of these statements contain morsels of truth but they're wrapped up in so much manipulative language that the important part of the message gets lost. Can an STI potentially cause infertility. Yes, absolutely yes. So shouldn't we be doing everything. Source:

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  • Kim Kardashian on her relationship with husband Kanye West: 'One good girl is worth 1000 b*****"

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    The pregnant reality star has posted a moody black and white ... Featuring Kimye speeding on a motorbike in a weirdly writhing erotica, it was definitely at the racy end of acceptable, even though the 34-year-old is now claiming to be a good girl.


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Dealing with the faerie can be tricky. How I impregnated my family's young Filipino maid. My Sister in Law needs stimulation. Another day on the lake.

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A pregnant, milky Indian woman gets some enthusiastic help. and other exciting erotic at! Filter by category. Anal; BDSM; Celebrities;

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