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BellyBuds, Pregnancy Baby-Bump Headphones | Prenatal Bellyphone Speakers Play Music, Sound and Voices to the Womb, by WavHello

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BellyBuds, Pregnancy Baby-Bump Headphones | Prenatal Bellyphone Speakers Play Music, Sound and Voices to the Womb, by WavHello by WavHello

  • ★ PLAY MUSIC AND CREATE MEMORIES - A baby in the womb can hear at...
  • ★ CONNECT AND BOND WITH BABY - Use the included audio splitter so...
  • ★ PERFECT PREGNANCY GIFT FOR FAMILIES - celebrate your new...

Sound Beginnings Belly Band The Best Way to Share Music with Baby in the Womb (Black, Size C)
Sound Beginnings Belly Band The Best Way to Share Music with Baby in the Womb (Black, Size C) by Sound Beginnings

  • Easy Care - No assembly or disassembly required, Sound Beginnings...
  • The high-quality speakers are designed to keep total sound output...
  • Sound Beginnings' durable double ply band provides the support moms...

SafeBond« Replacement Adhesives

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SafeBond« Replacement Adhesives by WavHello

  • Appx 1 month supply
  • Leaves no residue on the skin when removed
  • Peels off easily from the BellyBuds and are disposable

Baby Doppler Monitor with free Gel
Baby Doppler Monitor with free Gel by FIGERM

  • Fits All Headphones- Two jack output for joined listening
  • Higher Sensitivity
  • Uses 9V battery (1pcs, included)

Tommee Tippee Digital Sound and Movement Monitor


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Tommee Tippee Digital Sound and Movement Monitor by Tommee Tippee

  • Rechargeable docking station
  • Movement sensor pad monitors movement
  • Room temperature display for a healthy environment

A dad's guide to hyperemesis -

Hyperemesis is morning sickness ramped up to the max. The name literally means "hyper vomiting", and that sums it up pretty well. It affects between 0. 5 and 1. 5 per cent of pregnancies, and varies in severity and duration. Some women find themselves unable to keep down anything (solid or liquid) for months, even for the entire pregnancy. My wife has been through it twice, and it was absolutely horrible. She couldn't keep anything down. She visited hospitals to get her fluids topped up. She was on medications usually reserved for patients on chemotherapy. It rotted her teeth. She was bed-bound, isolated and depressed. I felt I had to suck it up, be strong, pick up the slack. Most of the time I did, but sometimes I felt despondent, helpless, and utterly useless. I felt guilty because I wasn't the one throwing up. It struck before we even announced the pregnancy, so we couldn't talk about it. The second time, with a toddler running around, I ended up doing a stint as a single-dad while being a carer for my... I couldn't work, my son wasn't sleeping well, and we moved house at that time too, because we clearly have an awesome sense of timing. I am in no way qualified to advise women on how to cope with hyperemesis, but I've learnt some lessons that might be worth sharing with partners of other hyperemetics out there. You can't 'fix' this one, but you can help. The first thing anyone wants to do when their partner suffers is help them, nurse them, and make them feel better. Some, like me, become obsessed with finding a "cure". During my wife's first pregnancy I was Dr Google, browsing site after site for morning sickness "cures". I tried giving her salty food in the morning, dry toast, ginger tea, ginger tablets, ginger cordial, acupressure bands, barley sugars and vitamin B3. I even found an app that was supposed to play sounds through your earphones to prevent nausea. I managed to put her off ginger for a couple of years afterwards – apparently it hurts a great deal coming back up. And nothing worked. Each time I would I kick myself, hop back onto the computer and Google "morning sickness cures" again. If your partner is suffering from hyperemesis, it's highly likely that nothing will work apart from medication from a doctor. (And for us, this lost efficacy over time anyway. I didn't bother trying all the cures second time around. I just supported my wife, looked after our. Source:

Effects Of Listening To Music During Pregnancy - BoldSky

Music makes a large difference in the life of humans, right from the time they are safe in their mother's womb. Yes, music makes a difference to the development of fetus when the mother is pregnant. There are many benefits and effects of listening to music during pregnancy. But, the effects depend on the type of music you listen to. In this article we shall discuss a few effects of listening to music during pregnancy and listening to music with earphones. During pregnancy one should listen to calm an soothing music. It is said that listening to peaceful music relaxes the mind of both the mother and the child. Some benefits of listening to music during pregnancy are listed below:. CHECK OUT: Best Citrus Fruits For Pregnant Women. Increases hearing capabilities - Listening to music with earphone during pregnancy is said to increase the hearing capabilities and concentration skills of the baby. This is yet not totally proved, but many researchers believe in this fact. After a certain development, babies can perceive sound and react to it as well. Therefore, listening to music during pregnancy will help in increasing hearing of the baby. Concentration enhancement is a effect of listening to music during pregnancy. Improves reacting and playing - It is observed sometimes that the baby reacts to and moves when listening to some sounds. Therefore, try listening to music during pregnancy. This will help the baby to react and will improve the baby's movements. The baby reactions will make the baby to have continuous motions. It is good to have your baby on the move frequently. You can also listen to music with earphones for better effects. Improved movement is an effect of listening to music during pregnancy. Personality - It is said that the music you listen when you are pregnant will help to improve and make the personality of your baby. This is quite not proven yet. But, the personality of the kid may get affected a little because of the music you listen. Calm and soft music will make the baby calm. A lot of club hits might make the kid a dancer. All these effects of listening to music during pregnancy are like myths. You never know if they are true, but they are worth giving a try. After Birth Effects - There are certain after birth effects of listening to music during pregnancy. It is said that if. Source:

World Too Loud? Just Turn It Down—With These Fancy New Earbuds. - Slate Magazine (blog)

Inside a windowless concrete-and-drywall conference room that feels straight out of Taken 4 , Doppler executive chairman Fritz Lanman flips open a case and pulls out two earbuds. They’re white and round, about as large as a quarter and as thick as a Reese’s cup. He quickly checks to make sure they’re paired with his iPhone, and then hands them to me. I put them on, and he starts talking. Here is not a pair of headphones, and it’s not a hearing aid. The earbuds are a way to customize your hearing. They’re a way to turn down and perfect the volume of our ever-louder world. They’re a way to make your commute a little more palatable, to make the concert sound as good in section 331 as in row 1. Most importantly, Here is the beginning of Doppler’s long-term vision for “hearables,” tech that lives in our ears—eventually... For now, the pitch goes like this: The world is too damn loud. Put in the Here earbuds, and suddenly you have volume control and equalization, or EQ, for your ears. You can turn everything up or down, crank the bass, even selectively mute sounds you don’t want to hear—the screeching subway, a crying baby. “Hearing is a human feature, and we want to make that awesome,” Lanman says. “Just having a volume knob in your ears is amazing. As he spoke, I spun a dial on the phone’s screen, and suddenly Lanman was three decibels louder. I spun it back the other way, to -12db, and he dropped to a whisper. Then I hit one button in the “Effects” section of Doppler’s companion app, and his words echoed a hundred times. Another, and his words reverberated like we were on stage in Carnegie Hall. It’s just a prototype, and an early one at that. There’s a constant, faint buzz that never lets me forget I’m wearing the buds. Even when I turn Lanman all the way down, I can still hear him—he promises that’ll change when they fully integrate noise cancellation. And when I hit the “Baby Suppress” button, the morbid-sounding mode designed to mute crying babies, Lanman himself gets much quieter. Kraft thinks the key is to make perfectly clear what these things are for, and even more importantly, what they’re not. They’re not for wearing 24 hours a day, for instance. They’re not for listening to Spotify, talking to Siri, or making phone calls. the Doppler team left those features out of Here on purpose, though it was the subject of some serious internal debate. From there,. Source:

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Is It Safe to Put Headphones on Your Belly During Pregnancy?

Many pregnant women wonder about the effect and safety of playing music to the fetus. While music is generally considered safe for the fetus, there are ... headphones for pregnancy belly

Product Features... Adheres to the belly with reusable ... Makes the perfect pregnancy gift ...

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Bellybuds - Play Music & Voices to the Womb

... easy to use and gently adhere to the belly of mothers to ... speaker system that plays prenatal music & voices to the womb during pregnancy.

Royalty Free Stock Photography: Pregnant woman with headphones on her ...

Royalty Free Stock Photography: Pregnant woman with headphones on her ...

Pregnant woman with headphones on her belly concept baby listening ...

Pregnant woman with headphones on her belly concept baby listening ...

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Pregnancy Earphones- Online Shopping/Buy Low Price Pregnancy Earphones ...