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Pocket Heartbeat Baby Monitor Baby Sound Amplifier with LCD Backlight

Free shipping

Pocket Heartbeat Baby Monitor Baby Sound Amplifier with LCD Backlight by KIKAR

  • - High sensitivity probe with Low ultrasound dosage
  • - Listen to Baby's Heart beat from 12 weeks of Pregnancy. See the...
  • - Big LCD Display with backlight

Baby Doppler Monitor with free Gel
Baby Doppler Monitor with free Gel by FIGERM

  • With One Year Warranty
  • Uses 9V battery (1pcs, included)
  • Higher Sensitivity

Baby Heart Beat Monitor Sound Amplifier With Loudspeaker Listen to Baby's Heart
Baby Heart Beat Monitor Sound Amplifier With Loudspeaker Listen to Baby's Heart by Babytec

  • ❤️Use for peace of mind throughout pregnancy
  • ❤️Safe and easy to use - On/Off switch, volume control, large...
  • ❤️Low ultrasound waves, harmless for your baby

Anagel Ultrasound Gel Bottle 250ml

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Anagel Ultrasound Gel Bottle 250ml by Anagel

  • Suitable for all fetal doppler devices
  • Acoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used
  • Clear Gel / Colourless

BellyBuds, Pregnancy Baby-Bump Headphones | Prenatal Bellyphone Speakers Play Music, Sound and Voices to the Womb, by WavHello

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BellyBuds, Pregnancy Baby-Bump Headphones | Prenatal Bellyphone Speakers Play Music, Sound and Voices to the Womb, by WavHello by WavHello

  • ★ CONNECT AND BOND WITH BABY - Use the included audio splitter so...
  • ★ COMPATIBLE WITH OUR VOICESHARE APP - VoiceShare (iOS and Android)...
  • ★ PLAY MUSIC AND CREATE MEMORIES - A baby in the womb can hear at...


Fetal Doppler Image Gender Reveal Party Invitation

A fun invitation to a gender reveal party featuring your baby's doppler image, sonogram or heartbeat. If you need help adjusting it, send us your image and we'll be happy to help you.
The card is easy to customize with your wording, font, font color and choice of six paper types.

'Solar suitcases' help lower maternal deaths in Uganda - Fulton News

– With midwives being forced to deliver babies with light from mobile phones, government introduces ‘solar suitcases’ to lower maternal deaths . By Halima Athumani. KAMPALA, Uganda – On the night of Aug. 6, 2013, Lily Akoko was working the night shift at a health center in a remote Ugandan town. Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Lily said a woman and her 23-year-old pregnant daughter Sarah Nakut walked in at around 1:00 a. m. “We did not have power and the only source of available light was a lantern,” she said. “We did not even have paraffin to light up the lantern. A remote town in northeast Uganda, electricity is one of the scarcest commodities in Napak, which is in the Karamoja region. “Sarah walked in during the last minutes of her pregnancy and we had to deliver the baby immediately, using our mobile phones to light up the room,” she told Anadolu Agency. Lily said it was one of the most difficult moments out of the many similar scenarios she has had to handle. “I had to send her [Sarah’s] mother to look for paraffin, which is a kilometer away,” she said. “It was not pleasant for me. ”. “With my phone in my mouth, I conducted the delivery but with difficulty,” she said. According to Aida Girma, UNICEF’s representative in Uganda, although there are good policies and programs in place, the country’s health system is weak, services are under resourced and consequently progress remains slow in averting maternal and... Thousands of mothers in Uganda still prefer to give birth at home and avoid health centers. The Ugandan Ministry of Health is trying to tackle this problem with a pilot project of ‘solar suitcases’ in 10 districts in Karamoja region and three districts in the Acholi sub-region, both in northern Uganda. According to the Ministry of Health, the national maternal mortality rate stands at 438 per 100,000 live births annually. The rate in Karamoja region stands at 750 and in Acholi sub-region at 561 per 100,000 live births. Dr Jessica Nsungwa Sabiti, the Ministry of Health’s assistant commissioner for child health, told Anadolu Agency: “We know that many of our nurses are still putting torches in their mouths to help deliver these babies. This is why we found it to be a fundamental issue for intervention. The solar suitcase consists of a light, a battery and a charging system. With a panel that. Source:

HMAA's Maternity and Baby Care Incentive Program - KHON2

If you’re pregnant, make sure you and your babies stay healthy during and after your pregnancy. HMAA’s Maternity and Baby Care Incentive Program can help. Today we meet a woman who participated in the free program and says the support she received was invaluable. We’ll also talk to Amy Kohler, Corporate Wellness Advisor at HMAA, who tells us more about the program and incentives offered. According to the March of Dimes 2014 Premature Birth Report Card, Hawaii was given a “C” rating with 12. 5% of all live births being preterm. This is well over Hawaii’s 8% goal for 2014 and slightly higher than last year’s 12. 2% rating. A baby is considered premature if he/she is born before 37 weeks and can lead to serious health problems. This puts the mom and baby at a higher risk for longer hospital stays and health problems that could affect them their whole lives. To reduce the risk of premature delivery, Kohler encourages pregnant women to go to their regular scheduled appointments with their OB/GYN and be sure to ask the doctor any questions or concerns they may have about their pregnancy and what to expect. They should also check with the hospital or facility that they’ll be giving birth at since they’ll likely have a variety of services available such as pregnancy and birth classes or reading material and other resources that will help prepare you... There are also great educational resources available from community organizations, such as the March of Dimes, who has a website with helpful tips and information. For those covered under HMAA’s health plan, they offer a FREE Maternity and Baby Care Incentive program to members that are between 1 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. It focuses on guiding the mom and baby toward a healthy pregnancy and delivery through education, intervention and guidance, along with incentives to encourage program completion. Incentives include an educational Healthy Baby Kit from the March of Dimes, a 6-month rental of a BabyBeat fetal Doppler, and, pending active participation and completion of the program, a $250 Target Gift Card for diaper products. For more information or to sign up for HMAA’s program, visit their website at hmaa. com, go to Health & Wellness and then to Maternity & Baby Care Incentive Program. For those with HMAA, they can submit a request to participate into the program. Source:

EECS names new head - Dailybarometer

One of Mathews’ areas of expertise is biomedical engineering, which is essentially the application of engineering concepts and principles to medicine. His research has included such work as using Doppler ultrasound, which uses reflected sound waves to show how blood flows through vessels to estimate the blood pressure of fetuses. This information is used to study the relationship between the fetal and maternal circulation system. “Since information is present in all walks of life and applications, what my colleagues, students and I do can be applied in a variety of fields including medicine,” Mathews said in an email. “Our work in recent years has focused on developing tools that can eventually help medical doctors diagnose diseases that occur to mothers and fetuses during pregnancy, methods for restoring motor functions in patients with spinal cord injuries... ” In addition to his extensive research work, Mathews is also involved with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or the IEEE, which is the nation’s top professional society for electrical engineers. His connections with the IEEE could prove beneficial for OSU, as it will give the organization more of an opportunity to see the research that the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is doing. Source:

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  • I Found Out I Was Pregnant With Twins — And My Husband and I Were Devastated

    06/22/16 ,via Yahoo News

    I got pregnant on the first try, the old-fashioned way ... As the technician placed the Doppler on my belly, he said, "So is this your first ultrasound, huh?" But I didn't want the small talk. I just couldn't help it and blurted out, "Is it twins?"


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Luvion Fetal Pregnancy Doppler

Luvion Fetal Pregnancy Doppler

Huntleigh Sonicaid D920 Fetal Doppler - Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Huntleigh Sonicaid D920 Fetal Doppler - Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

contents vcomin fetal doppler fd 200b fetal doppler x 1 doppler ...

contents vcomin fetal doppler fd 200b fetal doppler x 1 doppler ...
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