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Pregnant women 'mistaken' over healthy diet -

Pregnant women mistakenly believe they are eating healthily despite not following dietary guidelines, research has found. A study of more than 850 pregnant women has found not a single one was eating enough of the five core food groups, which are: fruit. vegetables and beans. dairy and or dairy alternatives. and lean meat, poultry, tofu, nuts and fish. Only a tiny fraction of the women involved were close to meeting the requirements, with 37 per cent not eating enough of any of the five groups and a further 35 per cent only eating enough of one. Yet almost two-thirds described their diet as "healthy". Experts say women need more information about how to meet food requirements amid a confusing maze of dietary restrictions recommended during pregnancy. READ MORE:. * 10 foods for a healthier pregnancy. * What you eat during pregnancy affects your child's taste. * Pregnancy 'don'ts' - are they that different around the world. University of Adelaide researcher Lenka Malek​, who completed the study as part of her PhD, said she did not believe the requirements were necessarily too difficult to meet, but many women weren't aware of them. "The research clearly shows that what women eat during pregnancy and around the time of pregnancy can influence the short and long-term health of their developing child," she said. "But even if women are aware that there are recommendations they don't necessarily know the specifics of what they say. Some recommendations, such as that women reduce the amount of certain types of fish to avoid mercury, may inadvertently lead them to avoid foods that were good for them. In her study, nearly 30 per cent of the women said they were consuming less fish or avoiding it entirely since they became pregnant. Dr Malek said maybe recommendations to avoid certain fish should be changed in light of the findings. "Seafood has a relatively small impact on maternal blood mercury levels… fish is rich in n-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients such as iodine and vitamin D. and positive associations [have been] found between fish intake during pregnancy... Overall, the study found fruit was the food group women were most likely to consume enough of, with 56 per cent meeting the guidelines. The next most likely to. Source:

Coco Austin on Her Pregnancy Cravings: 'I Fantasize About Fruit' - People Magazine

Fruit is just one way she is maintaining her healthy lifestyle throughout her pregnancy . “I think it has a lot to do with if you’re healthy before you got pregnant,” says Austin, who says she’s been “feeling wonderful” so far. “Your body automatically goes into the healthy zone. It tells you, ‘Okay, we need to step up the health thing,’ but if you’re a healthy person already, I don’t think it’s a big deal. She does admit to one little indulgence, though: soda. “I’m not really a soda girl but I’m craving bubbles. Check out her daily food log below — and pick up the new issue of PEOPLE (on newsstands now) to read more about her diet. bottles of Evian Natural Spring Water. Tall Starbucks chai latte with whole milk and two pumps of vanilla. pumpkin, whey-protein shake and an apple with peanut butter. Chicken breast, mashed potatoes with gravy and a goat cheese salad. A bowl of fruit. 2 tacos with a little rice. 15-20 Life Savers Gummies. Total Calories. “Swapping out the mashed potato with gravy for a baked sweet potato would make Coco’s lunch super healthy,” says dietitian Keri Glassman of NutritiousLife. But Glassman gives Austin kudos for adding goat cheese to her salad. “It’s a lower-fat cheese,” she explains. (Pick one that’s pasteurized if you’re pregnant. ) And although she thinks Austin should skip the pre-bed candy, she says the real fruit is “a good sweet indulgence. ” Plus, she adds: “You need to stay hydrated when you are pregnant and fruit is loaded with water and fiber. NOTE: It is recommended that women eat at least 1,200 calories per day, and men eat at least 1,800 calories per day. – Julia Emmanuele, with reporting by Antoinette Y. Coulton. It’s crazy how we crave certain foods, even ones we normally dislike and even like least favorite foods while pregnant. I could drink apple juice all day with my son and sugar (I was good) with my daughter. I loved Kraft American slices like crazy then had my son and now they gross me out to just eat one out of the wrapper. I hated runny eggs to dip bread in and now because of my daughter I love them. Source:

Pregnancy Diet: 'Eating For Two' A Myth And Not Necessary, Says Scientists - Headlines & Global News

The old wives tale that "eating for two" is important during pregnancy has been disproven by a team of scientists. Before the experiment, experts thought that a pregnant woman's appetite increases due to the energy requirements demanded by the baby in her womb. But researchers from the Clinical Sciences Centre at the Imperial College in London said that this is apparently not the case, for during pregnancy, a woman's hormones develop to absorb more energy from the same amount of food she eats. The scientists conducted their experiment on fruit flies to study the biology of a pregnant woman. "Many of the fly genes that we studied exist in humans. Flies also utilize and store fat like we do, and their metabolism is controlled by similar hormones," said Jake Jacobson of the research team, via a press release. They found out that a fly's "juvenile hormone," released instantly after fertilization, causes a growth in the intestines that also triggers the body to expand its ability to store more fat. This same biological event also happens in a pregnant woman's body. "We normally think of our internal organs as being a fixed size, but the fact is that they are not. They can grow and change, and we show that this is important for making babies," said Irene Miguel-Aliaga, the head of the study, in the same press release. "Previous studies have shown that eating for two during early pregnancy is unnecessary. Our research suggests that this is because the digestive system is already anticipating the demands that the growing baby will place upon our body," she further added. The researchers believe that their findings also explain why a pregnant woman often have problems with weight long after giving birth, as her intestines continue to be enlarged. Thus, her body could continue to take in more calories from the food she eats. Meanwhile, eating a healthy and balanced diet is more important than eating for two, according to nutritionist Alison Tedstone. "You don't need to eat for two, even if you are expecting twins or triplets. Evidence shows that expectant mothers may need to eat more in the last few months of the pregnancy, around 200 extra calories a day," she said via Independent. The researchers are hoping to do more studies on this findings in humans next. The findings were published in the journal eLife. Source:

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    In Europe, almost one in three schoolchildren under the age of ten is overweight, if not obese. In the search for the cause of this phenomenon, fetal programming inside a mother 's womb was put under scrutiny as a potential culprit for this "heavy issue".


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