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My Pregnancy Countdown Calendar & Keepsake
My Pregnancy Countdown Calendar & Keepsake by PEEPO

  • Sucker hook enclosed to hang it
  • Protective varnish coating for durability & longevity
  • Forty opening windows for each week of pregnancy revealing...

Clever me® 1894-2 "BabySteps" Scratch-Off Calendar – 236 Entertaining Facts & Tips for Parents-to-Be

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Clever me® 1894-2 "BabySteps" Scratch-Off Calendar – 236 Entertaining Facts & Tips for Parents-to-Be by Splash Brands

  • Beautifully designed wall calendar with facts, tips and trivia...
  • One new field is scratched off every day, from pregnancy week 9 to...
  • Facts and tips relate to the particular pregnancy stage


Twins Pregnancy Calendar

A very unique Twins Calendar. Keep track of your twins’ progress with this calendar. There are 2 boxes. Use the top one for Twin A and the second one for Twin B. As with any other pregnancy calendar just start the calendar with the first day of your last period or you can jump to the week of your...

2016 Pregnancy Humor Calendar

Help pregnant ladies kick off the New Year with this funny calendar celebrating the month-by-month "joys" of pregnancy.

Baby feet hearts calendar

Baby feet hearts love Foot pregnant pregnancy maternity belly parents child cute mom dad mother father

Grandma loading calendar

Grandma loading Pregnant Pregnancy Procreation maternity child bar birth baby grandmother

Dad loading Baby Calendar

Dad Father Loading Progress bar Baby Pregnant Pregnancy Procreation

When young moms ask: Is this normal? - OCRegister

Lorem ipsum dolor Vestibulum tortor quam, feugiat vitae, ultricies eget, tempor sit amet, ante. Donec eu sit amet quam egestas semper. Aenean mi vitae est. Mauris placerat eleifend leo. Vestibulum tortor quam, feugiat vitae, ultricies eget, tempor sit amet, ante. Donec eu sit amet quam egestas semper. Example link to graphic lightbox. As a first-time mom, I love reading parenting advice on blogs and in articles and books. I like to be prepared for the next stage of my baby’s development and for whatever crazy events may occur. I’ve also discover that while infant fashion and mommy yoga classes are best found on Pinterest and Instagram, the nitty-gritty parenting details come from an old-school resource: books. Four books helped me survive my first year as a mom. Some of what I read was funny, some was extremely technical and some was downright scary. In the end, with a new baby on my mind, each of these books offered something useful or interesting pertaining to my role as a new mommy. ‘Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy’. This is a technical guide that will inform and overwhelm you at the same time. The first few chapters made me feel as if I’d enrolled in an AP biology course. It’s a great resource, but it reads more like an encyclopedia than a guidebook. For me, the Mayo Clinic compilation eventually became the ultimate reference book. If I read something online but still wanted a more clinical explanation, that’s where I turned. ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting: The First Year’. This series is a survival guide for a new mom. The format is easy to follow, and Heidi Murkoff divides the chapters by chronological milestones. Each month is a new section. For example, “Month 1” covers breastfeeding, latching and newborn sun exposure. By “Month 9,” the questions move to “Is it normal that my child screams. ” and “How do you get a finicky baby to try different foods. ” The question-and-answer format is simple and makes the book a digestible read. ‘The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy’. The most comical read during my pregnancy, “Girlfriends’ Guide” lets you in on one of life’s big secrets: Having a new baby isn’t always pretty. Writing with a straightforward tone, Vicki Iovine explains why it’s difficult for an educated middle-class woman to have a baby without going insane. Iovine makes uncomfortable topics such as. Source:

Number of abortions in Taiwan 'unimaginably high,' says doctor - WantChinaTimes

The number of unwanted pregnancies in Taiwan is high and the number of abortions carried out is "beyond imagination," according to a local ob/gyn doctor. Chen Ching-hui of Taipei Medical University Hospital said that according to statistics compiled by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, only 70% of married women aged between 20 and 49 practice birth control. The doctor said that in her outpatient experience, more than 60% of married couples plan their first birth, but up to 80% did not expect their second pregnancy. Chen said that some couples give birth to a second child with reluctance, while 40% choose an abortion. The medical establishment estimates that up to 500,000 fetuses are disposed of each year. Lin Si-hong, also an ob/gyn, said Taiwan has around 200,000 newborns a year, but the number of people taking the RU486 "morning after" pill to prevent conception is around 400,000, indicating that 30% of pregnant women opt to give birth, while the... According to Chen, the high unwanted pregnancy rate is related to a neglect to use condoms, or the failure of calendar-based contraception methods. A lack of initiative on the part of women to insist on condom use, as well as some men's reluctance to use them, also contribute to unwanted pregnancies. Lin said that people in Taiwan should change their view of abortion as an easy option, noting that the use of intrauterine devices does not necessarily make women uncomfortable or their partners unhappy. Lin said this common stereotype is wrong and that IUDs are easy to install without side effects. Taiwan's birth rate is one of the lowest in the world as couples are reluctant to have kids when wage levels have not risen in real terms for over two decades. President Ma Ying-jeou said earlier this month that he was overjoyed when he heard that there was a higher-than-expected number of newborns last year. The number last year was previously estimated at 195,000, but instead hit 213,000. Source:

EPS Pro-life Breakfast - Omaha World-Herald

At this year’s EPS Pro-life Breakfast, the audience will hear from a woman who, while in her mother’s womb, survived an abortion that claimed her twin brother. Claire Culwell’s birth mother was 13 when she became pregnant. When doctors removed a fetus, they didn’t realize that a twin remained behind. By the time Culwell’s mother realized she remained pregnant, the pregnancy was too far along for an abortion. Culwell will share her story at 9 a. m. Aug. 1 at Creighton Prep, 7400 Western Ave. Tickets are $25 each or two for $40. For tickets, call 402-554-0121 or visit www. essentialps. The event benefits Essential Pregnancy Services. Source:


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Build a day-by-day customized calendar detailing the development of a baby from before conception to birth. The pregnancy calendar should be seen as a ...

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