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Pregnancy for Men: The expectant dad's guide to the whole 9 months


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Pregnancy for Men: The expectant dad's guide to the whole 9 months by Crimson Publishing

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The Positive Birth Book: A New Approach to Pregnancy, Birth and the Early Weeks


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The Positive Birth Book: A New Approach to Pregnancy, Birth and the Early Weeks by Pinter & Martin Ltd.

Love Lines: A Summer Sampler Of Romantic Manga - NPR

Romance comes in many forms — and never so many as in manga. Let loose in the black-and-white planes of comic-book reality, an army of creators has envisioned every schmooptastic scenario imaginable. But even setting aside certain extremes (Male pregnancy. A guy whose true love gets miniaturized and stuck to his forearm. ) it's still a daunting field. Where's a reader to start. Why, right here. Kaoru Mori's extraordinary Emma is swoony on any number of counts. It's set in a meticulously imagined Victorian London. it features a relationship between a gentleman and a housemaid. and the heroine wears glasses. Said specs do nothing to deter the wealthy William Jones, Emma's admirer from the moment he sets eyes on her. The two begin a flirtation, then a secret romance that develops over 10 volumes. Emma collected a flotilla of awards in the late '00s from fans of its historical accuracy and finely sketched illustrations. Now it's coming back into print. It's the central relationship that really sets Emma apart. William is feckless, a happy-go-lucky richie (at least, at first). Emma is intrepid but wary, as would be expected of a young woman who, as a child, barely escaped a life of sexual slavery. She and William fall for each other in a dozen pages or so, but their attraction never seems trivial or shallow. Rather, these two have quite clearly stumbled upon that antique phenomenon, True Love. Mori's artwork, though, is wholly modern. Instead of packing each panel with pattern and architectural detail, as the period might seem to warrant, she keeps her spaces open and clean. She's economical with dialogue, too, trusting in her ability to convey much with a few expression lines. On many levels Emma is a delicious reminder that sometimes, romance is all about restraint. You simply can't talk about romance manga without some high school uniforms popping up. Ichigo Takano depicts the teenage years with plangent sentimentality in Orange, available online. The earnest, uncomplicated characters border on cloying, but Takano's thoughtful details and a clever plot device set this story apart from countless other tales of halcyon adolescence. She's got a lovely, clean line, too. Orange 's nostalgia for youth is fueled by that other romantic standby: incipient tragedy. One day a 16-year-old girl, Naho, receives what seems to be a letter from her future self. It warns her. Source:

Arizona town decides not to censor books, adds stickers instead - MSNBC

File this under: You Know More Now. We got news today from Gilbert, Arizona, an extended suburb of Phoenix. Last fall, the Tea Party majority on the Gilbert school board voted to remove mentions of abortion from the high school honors biology textbooks. They planned to do it by blacking out the text with Sharpies, perhaps, or by ripping out the pages entirely :. The board acted at the urging of the same group that backed gay discrimination bills in Indiana, Arkansas and Louisiana, the Alliance... Based in Arizona, the Alliance insisted that Gilbert’s biology books were out of compliance with an Arizona law requiring school districts to present childbirth and adoption as preferable to abortion. But soon after the Tea Party majority decided to censor the biology books, voters in very conservative Gilbert decided to replace them with a new majority. Shortly afterward, the outgoing board reversed course and decided against going ahead with ripping pages out of biology textbooks. From the beginning The Gilbert Public School District supports the state of Arizona’s strong interest in promoting childbirth and adoption over elective abortion. The District is also in support of promoting abstinence as the most effective way to eliminate the potential for unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. If you have questions concerning sexual intercourse, contraceptives, pregnancy, adoption or abortion, we encourage you to speak with your parents. What began with national headlines about a school district ready to shred textbooks now ends with an addition the size of a playing card. School officials in Gilbert have confirmed for us that the stickers are going into the textbooks, inside the back cover. In a written statement, superintendent Kishimoto says she worked closely with the board on the new plan: “The board and I have full confidence in our teachers and because we trust the way our teachers instruct, we agreed that this is the best... We are pleased with the collaboration and completion of this matter. For the record, we still have the biology pages that were going to be redacted – front and back – at ArizonaHonorsBiology. If any educators in Arizona have a good use for the domain name, let us know. We would be happy to give the URL away to a good home. Thanks to the viewer in Gilbert, Arizona, for the tip. If you’ve got news in your town, SendIttoRachel. Source:

Fact Check: Was Planned Parenthood Started To 'Control' The Black Population? - NPR

Ben Carson alleged in an interview with Fox News Wednesday that Planned Parenthood puts most of its clinics in black neighborhoods to "control the population" and that its founder, Margaret Sanger, "was not particularly enamored with black people. Planned Parenthood has been a target on the campaign trail after a series of sting videos was released alleging the organization illegally profits from selling aborted fetal tissue. Carson, a famed neurosurgeon turned Republican presidential candidate, has been a vocal opponent of the group. He was also in the news this week after reports surfaced that he once used aborted fetal tissue for research. Here's a closer look at Carson's comments:. What Carson said. On Fox News Wednesday , Carson was asked about Democrats' criticism that Republicans who want to defund Planned Parenthood are waging a "war on women. " He responded:. "Maybe I am not objective when it comes to Planned Parenthood, but, you know, I know who Margaret Sanger is, and I know that she believed in eugenics, and that she was not particularly enamored with black people. "And one of the reasons you find most of their clinics in black neighborhoods is so that you can find a way to control that population. I think people should go back and read about Margaret Sanger who founded this place — a woman Hillary Clinton by the way says that she admires. Look and see what many people in Nazi Germany thought about her. It's not the first time Planned Parenthood has faced criticism about its founder and the placement of its clinics — former presidential candidate Herman Cain made a similar statement in 2011. What Planned Parenthood said. In response, Planned Parenthood said Carson was not only "wrong on the facts, he's flat-out insulting. " Alencia Johnson, assistant director of constituency communications, told NPR:. "Does he think that black women are somehow less capable of making the deeply personal decision about whether to end a pregnancy than other women. It's a shame that a doctor, who should understand the barriers black women face accessing high-quality preventive and reproductive health care services, would pander so clearly to anti-abortion extremists on the right. Did Margaret Sanger believe in eugenics. Yes, but not in the way Carson implied. Eugenics was a discipline, championed by. Source:

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  • Rosemary Kennedy Had Lobotomy to Prevent Pregnancy, Book Claims

    09/05/15 ,via WSB-TV Atlanta

    Two new books, “Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter”” and The Missing Kennedy,” reveal shameful secrets about JFK’s sister Rosemary Kennedy. Her delivery at birth was botched by a nurse resulting i From Our News Partners


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