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I'm Expecting - Pregnancy App
I'm Expecting - Pregnancy App by MedHelp International

  • Monitor your weight throughout your pregnancy
  • Ask questions about your pregnancy and follow others' questions in...
  • Keep track of doctor's appointments, tests and other events

Pregnancy App
Pregnancy App by Live Apps Hub

  • Pregnancy Boy or Girl Test
  • Pregnancy Calculator
  • Pregnancy Week by Week

BabyCenter My Baby Today
BabyCenter My Baby Today by BabyCenter LLC

  • Answers for when you wonder, "Is this normal?"
  • Advice on care and feeding
  • Information on your baby's health and safety

pregnancy by bellal inc

  • - Life and health before pregnancy
  • - First aid for childbirth
  • - Exercises for the three stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank
Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank by Angelo Gizzi

  • Cool graphics and sounds
  • Prank your friends
  • Easy to use

Health Care Innovation Isn't About Smart Phone Apps, Penn Medicine Researchers Say -

What Health Care can Really Learn from the Tech Industry is how to Rapidly Test Ideas in the Real World. PHILADELPHIA – Health care has much to learn from innovative high-tech companies, but not in the way most people think, according to a Perspective published today in the New England Journal of Medicine and authored by innovation experts from the... Innovation, they say, can most effectively achieve meaningful outcomes by testing many new ideas quickly, cheaply, and contextually. “Health care innovation is not about iPhone apps. It’s about disciplined approaches to rapidly testing new ideas to promote better patient care,” said co-author David A. Asch, MD, MBA , executive director of Penn Medicine’s Center for Health Care Innovation. “We’re moving into an era where ‘getting away’ with as little testing as possible is an essential feature of successful innovation – so long as that testing is done in a real context where the results are believable. Co-author Roy Rosin, MBA , chief innovation officer at Penn Medicine noted, “In the business world successful innovators have moved away from surveys and focus groups that tell us what people say, and instead have created approaches that reveal... In vapor tests, companies try to sell products they haven’t yet created, to get a credible sense of demand before they invest in creating a product that maybe no one wants. The “out of stock” message you receive when you try to order a product online might be real, or it might mean that the product you tried to order never existed in the first place. Retailers sometimes post a believable description of a fake product to gauge demand, to learn if enough people click on it to make it worthwhile to make it or sell it. The authors note that vapor tests “move from the wishful ‘if you build it, they... Source:

Wildflower Health's new $5M will help it expand beyond pregnancy apps - MobiHealthNews

San Francisco-based Wildflower Health has raised $5 million in a round led by Easton Capital and Hatteras Venture Partners with participation from existing investors Cambia Health Solutions and HealthTech Capital. The company has raised at least $6. 7 million to date. Wildflower Health offers an app, called Due Date Plus, which helps pregnant women track their symptoms, monitor key milestones, read health tips, and view their benefits. One of Wildflower’s key customer groups are payers, who offer the app to their members. Many features included in the Wildflower app, like the click-to-call a nurse or “view benefits” features, are already available to the payers’ members, but Due Date Plus helps to highlight them. The recent funds will help Wildflower launch new programs that help families manage their healthcare. The company also plans to launch a Spanish version of Due Date Plus in the next few months. “We believe that you’ve accompanied this member, this user, through maternity, and then the natural extension of that is ‘I’m taking care of my newborn and other children, I’m taking care of members of family’,” Wildflower Health CEO Leah Sparks... “We’re going to be adding new programs and services to support the chief decision maker of the family, who’s usually a mom, as she goes about supporting her overall family health. Sparks said the company has also started adding more advanced services to its apps for existing and newer clients. “I think as the company evolves, we just get more and more connected with the technology, both on the client side and our side,” she said. “All of our clients have things like click to call the nurse hotline and links into their benefit resources. But increasingly we’re doing things like APIs with clients so that we can have them just look up right in the application doctors near them that take their insurance. Or we have clients in the works where we essentially go even more deep and help people look up their deductible. Earlier this month, Wildflower Health announced a partnership with Everyday Health, which offers the popular What to Expect digital franchise. Through this partnership, What to Expect, which is available as an app or on the web, will inform its users, based on their profile, if their health plan offers the Wildflower Health app. “It’s such a powerful value proposition, to harness this reach of pregnant women. Source:

How iOS 9 fixes HealthKit's woman problem - Macworld

One major highlight of iOS 8 was HealthKit , a framework designed to centralize the health information collected by the third-party apps you use. But there was a huge hole: The native Health app that acts as a database for all that information didn’t collect any data around women’s reproductive health, despite the fact that a slew of iOS apps are dedicated to helping women track periods,... Not surprisingly, women noticed this glaring oversight and said to Apple: “Really. Apple is fixing its mistake in iOS 9 with a Reproductive Health section in the native Health app. The app as we’ve seen it in the iOS 9 public beta collects the following data points: basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation, ovulation test result, sexual activity, and spotting. You can enter your own data here if you don’t use a period-tracking or sexual health app, and Health really drills down into specifics (we’re talking mucus clarity). While HealthKit is just a framework and nothing prevents women from sharing their health data with a specific app, the whole point of HealthKit is to unite all of that data in one place. It’s like taking your patient charts from various doctors and specialists and compiling a master electronic medical record, right on your iPhone. Even if you never look at it (and who really looks at the iOS Health app. ), it’s just nice to know it’s there if you need it. More than period-tracking The Reproductive Health addition to HealthKit in iOS 9 isn’t just about period-tracking—it’s about how period-tracking and other reproductive data points offer insights... “For women to fully understand and have a complete picture of our health, physical fitness, sleep, and nutrition are key parts, but it’s incomplete,” said Jennifer Tye, vice president of partnerships for women’s health app maker Glow. “You aren’t also able to see and track information about your cycle. That’s a fundamental part of completing a picture of the health of a woman. “We’re already integrated with HealthKit as it exists today,” Tye added. “We’re excited about the updates that are coming. The more that technology and apps enable this logging and sharing of menstrual data in a responsible way, and the bigger the ecosystem that exists, we think that’s a great thing. HealthKit’s API lets health and fitness apps read each other’s data if you allow them to,. Source:

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