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Active Iron | Iron Tablets | Ferrous Iron Sulphate Supplement | Clinically Proven | 1-Month Supply

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Product Features
  • 9 out of 10 PEOPLE SIDE-EFFECT FREE: Clinical trials confirm that Active Irons unique formulation doubles the amount of iron absorbed (versus ferrous sulphate) while being so gentle on the digestive system it can be taken on an empty stomach.
  • IRON TABLETS PROVEN BENEFITS: Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, to normal energy-yielding metabolism, to normal cognitive function, to normal oxygen transport in the body, to normal formation of red blood cells & haemoglobin, and to the normal function of the immune system. Suitable for Pregnancy, Periods, Exercisers & Vegetarians.
  • REVOLUTIONARY NEW IRON SULPHATE FORMULATION: An innovative iron formulation, which is tough on tiredness, but kind on the digestive system, Active Iron is clinically proven to double iron delivery, while avoiding the side-effects experienced by many.
  • IRON TABLETS SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH: Developed by scientists in Trinity College Dublin, Active Iron is a new iron supplement, which has been clinically proven to have better absorption than other ferrous sulphate iron tablets, but avoids the unpleasant side effects.
  • NEW GENERATION OF IRON SUPPLEMENT: Using innovative protein 'microspheres', Active Iron delivers iron (ferrous sulphate) to where it is best absorbed by the body, while protecting the gut from inflammation & damage. This avoids the side-effects associated with other iron supplelments.
Product Description
The Science Of Active Iron
Active Iron targets the body's "iron absorber" the DMT-1. Active Iron's advanced protein formulation is non-irritating to the stomach and does not cause inflammation preventing unwanted side effects.

Innovative Solution For Powerful Yet Gentle Iron Intake
Whilst ferrous sulfate is the current 'gold-standard' iron supplement, it is not without unfavourable side-effects. Active Iron are new, ground-breaking iron tablets, designed to solve these problems. What makes Active Iron special is that it is contained within a special protein microsphere made from denatured (inactivated) whey protein. The gut is protected from damage from iron and also the iron is carried to the precise site it is needed, where it is better absorbed.

Kind & Strong
Kind enough to take on an empty stomach, Active Iron's ground-breaking protein formula works with your body for strong absorption when you need it..

Clinical Trials - 9 out of 10 People Side Effect Free
Clinically proven better absorption of ferrous sulfate. The study demonstrated Active Iron was greater than 2 times better absorbed than the market-leading iron tablets. Results also showed that Active Iron led to the generation of significantly less damage in gut cells, helping explain the better tolerability of Active Iron. In addition, no unfavourable side-effects were reported for Active Iron.

Breakthrough Iron Tablets Formulation
Active Iron contains 14mg iron per capsule - equivalent to 100% of the NRV. Women can be assured that they are achieving dietary targets and taking a form of iron that is well absorbed. Active Iron is suitable for vegetarians lactose-free.

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